Fairs Week Volunteer Coordinator

THE BIG FAIR (held every September) brings together students/alumni and over 100 representatives from for-profit employers, not-for-profit organizations and educational institutions. This is an opportunity for SFU students to seek ideal opportunities and to network with potential future employers, volunteer organizations, and graduate schools/professional program, as well as for SFU Alumni looking for further opportunities and career exploration. As a Volunteer Coordinator, you will play an important role in contributing to the success of BIG Fair 2018 which is held across two campuses (Burnaby, Surrey) and over three days (Sept 24 in Surrey, Sept 26-27 in Burnaby).

The Fair is proudly presented by SFU Career Services and Volunteer Services. Please note that there are three positions available.

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Want to Learn More?

Website: www.sfu.ca/hire/recruit-with-career-services/recruitment-fairs/fairs-week.html
Contact: Hanna Lee, Volunteer Services Coordinator (hjl22@sfu.ca)

For Position Details and how to apply:

  1. Go to myinvolvement.sfu.ca and click on "Student"
  2. Log in with your computing ID and password
  3. From the left hand menu, click on "Opportunities"
  4. Click on "Getting Involved"
  5. Enter the Job ID in the "Search by Opportunity ID" search field

Type: Volunteer
Campus: Burnaby

Hiring period: June
Job ID: 4524

Start date: July 9th, 2018
Application deadline: June 26th, 2018