SFU Public Square Peer Educator

Urban isolation. City-building. Mental health. Inclusion. Innovation. Resilience. Reconciliation. The future of work.

These are but a few of the themes that SFU Public Square has tackled since its inception in 2012. SFU Public Square is a signature initiative supporting SFU’s strategy to be Canada’s engaged university. The program mobilizes the university’s physical, intellectual and virtual capacities to stimulate critical thinking about issues and to foster discussion among diverse communities. SFU Public Square pushes the boundaries of community engagement and creates a gathering place for interaction and experimentation — a space where people can explore and exchange ideas across sectors, generations, values, and cultures.

The primary goal of a Peer Educator is to raise awareness of SFU Public Square and its community engagement activities on all three campuses. You will work with the SFU Public Square team and act as a student ambassador, championing the program to other students, and becoming part of the dynamic community engagement network at SFU.

How? Peer Educators will have the opportunity to develop and produce topical and timely student-centred events that engage the student body. Despite what is sometimes suggested in the public realm, we believe that students are not apathetic. Instead, they are eager to learn more about and contribute to current issues. This is a chance for you to connect with other students on the issues that matter most.

Want to learn more?

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Website: www.sfu.ca/publicsquare/students/engagement-ambassadors.html

If you have questions about the program, please contact Seth Erais at seth_re@sfu.ca.

For Position Details and how to apply:

  1. Go to myinvolvement.sfu.ca and click on "Student"
  2. Log in with your computing ID and password
  3. From the left hand menu, click on "Opportunities"
  4. Click on "Getting Involved"
  5. Enter the Job ID in the "Search by Opportunity ID" search field

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i Note:  This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Type: Volunteer
Campus: 312 Main Street, Vancouver

Hiring period: February 7 - March 14, 2023
Job ID: 5998

Start dates: September 2023
Application deadline: March 14, 2023