Getting Tested

COVID-19 Testing for Individuals Experiencing Symptoms

If you are experiencing symptoms or have been exposed to someone who has a confirmed case of COVID-19, you can use the following self-assessment tool developed with the BC Ministry of Health:

If you need to be tested, find the nearest testing site location here.

Health & Counselling has limited capacity to test for COVID-19 if the BC Self-Assessment Tool determines you need testing.

There are various COVID testing locations around the Province.

For international students requiring a test to return home, please see the information below.

If you have severe respiratory symptoms call 911.

For worsening cough and breathing, or concerns about worsening of your chronic medical conditions and need a medical appointment, call for an appointment, or further medical advice.

COVID-19 Testing for International Students Returning Home

COVID screening for travellers is NOT an insured service under MSP. However, as an international student, you have options to assist with your travel home.

Call our Health & Counselling clinic to connect with a Nurse by phone. Your first visit by phone with the nurse can be done 4-7 days prior to your travel date.

Step 1 - A phone call: You will discuss the timeline of your trip, and the nurse will ask you some health questions to make sure you are healthy and have no COVID-19 symptoms.

Step 2 - An in-person appointment: You will meet with the nurse, who will then take your temperature, recheck for COVID-19 symptoms, and take your COVID-19 swab.

Step 3 - You will then have to take the swab to the nearest LifeLabs and pay $120.00 for the processing of the COVID-19 swab. LifeLabs requires you to wear a mask. Find a location here:

Please note:

  • We are not able to do swabs on Saturday, Sundays or Statutory holidays
  • Your results will not be checked on a weekend or a statutory holiday. Other arrangements will need to be made.
  • If you have MSP, you will be able to view your result through My eHealth. Please create an account here:

Your result will take 24-48 hours. When your result is received, the nurse will email you the result, and a letter that says "This individual was assessed on (date) and reports no symptoms of COVID -19. Their COVID-19 test is negative."

Alternative COVID-19 Testing Sites for Asymptomatic Individuals

* Information from BC CDC Website
* Please note information is subject to change anytime without notice – information is only accurate as of August 10 2020. SFU Health and Counselling is not responsible for any charges incurred by students.


  • Please check LifeLabs' FAQ for information regarding COVID-19 testing
  • Cost: $120 
  • Note: LifeLabs does not collect the sample, they only process it
  • If you choose LifeLabs, SFU Health & Counselling Services can help with the collection for testing 

Integrated Wellness Medical Centre (Tri-Cities)

Travel Safe Immunization

YVR Medical Clinic

Ultima Medical Services

Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre

If you have traveled out of the country within the last 14 days, and are quarantining or if you are required to self-isolate for 14 days based on contact with a suspected case of COVID or COVID + person, you must complete your 14 day quarantine prior to travel, or presenting to our clinic for an in-person for a swab.

If You Are Arriving or Returning to Canada

If you're arriving and/or returning back to Canada, the government of Canada has made it mandatory for anyone entering Canada to self-quarantine. SFU's International Student Advising and Programs has created a self-isolation guide to help you through this process. 

View the guide >