Getting Vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccinations are now underway in BC and across Canada

Getting vaccinated helps create a safer and healthier campus and community for everyone. All SFU and FIC students, faculty, and staff that can be vaccinated should be vaccinated to help protect others at risk including those who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons, such as allergies to ingredients.

Everyone living in BC can get the vaccine.

According to Public Health, everyone living in BC will be eligible for the vaccine for free, regardless of their health insurance or residency status. This includes out of province and foreigner visitors, workers, and students living in BC as well as their families. The Public Health decision to vaccinate as many people as possible was made to protect Canadians and decrease the spread and restrictions as soon as possible.  Read more.

When and Where will I be vaccinated?

The COVID-19 vaccine is being rolled out in an evolving phased approach. With limited vaccine supplies, first doses are being provided to those most at risk, starting with elderly residents in long-term care facilities. Learn more about the BC Government Vaccination Plan.

Other priority groups identified by the government have already received the vaccine and more will in the coming weeks. The government is making these determinations based on latest risk information and notice of new shipments of the vaccine arriving weekly.

Vaccines are being delivered at special COVID-19 vaccine clinics across the province as well as some pharmacies.  Doctor offices such as SFU’s Health and Counselling Services are not part of the rollout plan and will not be able to provide the vaccine.

The latest information on timing and vaccine delivery can be found at the BCCDC website.

Preparing for your appointment

For details on when you can call, how to book, and how to prepare for your vaccination: visit this website.

As of May 20, everyone aged 12 or older can register for the vaccine.

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