Hi F.I.V.E. aims to eliminate stigma towards those who are experiencing mental health distress or illness (now or in the past).  We invite everybody in our campus communities to join us in taking this pledge and respect and embrace anyone experiencing mental health distress or mental illness.

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The HiF.I.V.E 2016/2017 Team

From left to right - Standing: Erwin Kwok, Natalie Morin, Tabby Shirbani, Michael McCahon. Sitting: Jenna Beetstra, Hannah Fikkert, Jennifer Hoffmeister

Friendship Bench

The yellow bench, which now lives in the AQ building, serves as a permanent symbol of mental health awareness and of SFU's vision for a vibrant stigma-free community. The Friendship Bench is a non-profit organization that aims to get people talking about mental health.

Plaque Unveiling

On Tuesday, January 26, SFU President Andrew Petter unveiled the Hi F.I.V.E. plaque to recognize the first permanent stigma-free space at SFU located in the AQ Courtyard on the South Side across from SFU Art Gallery on the SFU Burnaby campus.

Read President Andrew Petter's Blog on the days event.


Conversations on Mental Health: #SFUOpensUp

We currently live in a world shrouded with isolation.  Technology separates us from having face to face conversations, and this means much of our daily interactions are limited.  We end up missing out on the many opportunities to share our stories, feelings, and thoughts with our peers.

As students, our mental health can be affected by stress, emotional pain, and common struggles like depression, anxiety and grief. But we don't have to go through it alone. A diary is typically known to be an outlet for our most personal stories. Use the diaries we are providing to share yours.  Tell us how you feel or how you have been impacted by issues of mental health or illness.   Let's open up and eliminate stigma against mental illness.  If you see a diary at any of our campuses - Burnaby, Vancouver, or Surrey - share your story, pass on the diary, and keep it safe.  This is our book to remind all of us that we are not as alone as we may think. 

Please note that these stories are public and some of them will be transcribed and become a part of the initiative on our website. (If you prefer not to have your story published online, please put a star next to your last sentence).

SFU Opens Up Tumblr

You may view public stories from the diaries at Hi F.I.V.E.'s SFU Opens Up Tumblr

Stay tuned for details for the next round of the Hi F.I.V.E. diaries circulating around campus Fall 2014.

For more information regarding the program or to get involved please email hifivesfu.coordinator@gmail.com

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Special thanks to our Hi F.I.V.E. sponsor and partner SFSS Advocacy Committee