COVID-19 Health Info Session

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information being shared about COVID-19?

Join our weekly *COVID-19 Health Information Session run by health care providers from SFU Health and Counselling Services. We will provide basic health information about COVID-19, explain physical distancing, self-isolating, and answer any questions you may have. 

*Please note that this is an information-based session, and is not to be confused with our COVID-19 Emotional Support Group.

Sessions are open to the SFU community. Registration closes at 1:00pm on the day of each session.

What to expect

Our COVID-19 Health Information Session will include:

  • Details about COVID-19, including what it is and its symptoms
  • How to prevent yourself from getting the virus
  • What to do if you have symptoms or think you have the virus
  • Getting tested for the virus
  • Resources and references to support your health
  • Question and answer portion hosted by a doctor, nurse, and mental health nurse

See below for program dates & times

Upcoming Sessions


Thursdays (April 23 - July 2)

2:30 to 3:30pm


Online via Blackboard Collaborate

COVID-19 Health Info Session guidelines

In preparation for our session:

  1. Find a private space and try to free yourself from distractions
  2. Sit in a quiet room or wear headphones
  3. Test your speakers to make sure they’re working. 
  4. Create a quiet space where you will not be interrupted or disturbed.
  5. Use the biggest screen size available to you (i.e. a laptop rather than a phone). Ensure that the device has stable connectivity to wifi or data.
  6. Clear your internet by closing out of any programs you don’t need
  7. Make sure your family members or roommates are not streaming video services (e.g., Netflix, YouTube) during your video session unless you know you have sufficient bandwidth to support plenty of streaming services at once
  8. You will not be expected to use your camera or microphone however upon joining the session Blackboard Collaborate may test these devices. Questions may be asked using the chat function.