Use My SSP

Telus Health Student Support Program (My SSP) is a service contracted by the university to provide mental health support to SFU and FIC students worldwide. All graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to download the app so the service is available when it's needed—to support yourself, or a friend.

Download the app

My SSP is a resource designed to support the overall mental health and well-being of students by providing real-time 24/7 access to professional counsellors as well as scheduled short-term counselling support.  Use the My SSP app to connect with live support, and also to review its extensive library of digital emotional health and well-being content, which includes access to virtual fitness sessions and self-administered assessments.

After downloading the app to your phone, you'll be asked to provide some information so My SSP can offer you tailored support based on your identity, your community, and your needs. Your personal information is not shared with SFU. Having the app will give you 24/7/365 access to call, chat, and counselling booking options with My SSP, and it will also connect you to a number of resources to support you throughout your studies.

My SSP is also a great service to use after hours when Health & Counselling is closed, or if you are living abroad or require urgent, crisis support. Read My SSP FAQs

If this is your first time accessing counselling or mental health support, review the guide below on suggested ways to connect with My SSP.

Available 24/7 in all timezones

Confidential professional support from counsellors

Accessible from anywhere in the world

Multiple language options

An easy way to get trusted and expert support

Free to all SFU students

call Reach by phone

Call: 1-833-768-2188

Outside of North America: 001-416-380-6578

Why would I use My SSP?

My SSP is available to support for a lot of different concerns. Here are some general topics you may want to connect with My SSP about:

  • Loneliness
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Relationship conflicts or challenges
  • Managing work/life balance
  • Chronic health concerns
  • Performance anxiety
  • Homesickness
  • Cultural adjustment
  • Coping mechanisms
  • Helping a friend in crisis

Should I call, chat, or schedule an appointment?

There is no right or wrong way to use My SSP. Depending on your concern, you may have a more comprehensive experience accessing counselling support by phone or in-person.

Call or Chat if:

  • You would like to receive in-the-moment support with a professional and do not want to schedule an appointment.
  • You would like professional tips or advice for handling an emotion or situation that's impacting you.
  • Call if you are in crisis and need to talk to someone right away.

It will look like arrow_right_alt Once connected via chat or call, a representative will collect some information from you including your name, school, reason for support and connect you with the first available counsellor. If you have a specific language or lived experience matching request, be sure to let the representative know during the intake process.  My SSP counsellors will provide support in real time where available, or set up clinical support through short term scheduled sessions if needed to support your request. 

Schedule an appointment if:

  • You would like to see the same provider for a number of sessions so you can work on more complex issues that are getting in the way of your success.
  • You have experience accessing counselling and would like to schedule upcoming sessions for professonial support during a challenging time.
  • You have a lived experience counsellor match request (ex: a counsellor who understands your religion or culture). If you are unsure whether My SSP might support your counsellor request, we encourage you to make the request and My SSP will attempt to source and provide compatible support.

It will look like arrow_right_alt Once connected to My SSP, a representative will collect some information from you including your name, school, reason for support, and you will be offered the soonest available appointment. For any specific lived experience matching requests, a My SSP representative may need to call you back in order to source an appropriate counsellor to match your needs.

Are you accessing from outside of Canada?

All graduate and undergraduate SFU students can connect with My SSP via chat and call function while traveling outside of the US and Canada.  

By Chat

To use chat, you must have access to your provider network (data access) or a Wi-Fi connection. 

1.     The chat function through the free My SSP app works as it would if you were accessing from within Canada or the US. If you are experiencing difficulties, check your internet connectivity. Please also note that some countries may have additional firewall protections in place that block certain apps. If this is the case, consider calling in to My SSP instead.

By Phone/Call

The following are 2 options for making a call to My SSP outside of the US or Canada:

1.     Make an international call using your phone service provider network.  International calling charges can be applied in one of two ways:

a.     Student calls directly from My SSP app or direct (1.416.380.6579).  To call internationally, you must have international calling enabled on your phone. International calling charges apply.

b.     You may opt to “call collect” to have the charges reversed back to My SSP.  To do this, you must find the collect call service for the country in which you are located, dial the number, and request to make a collect call to 1.416.380.6579.  My SSP will accept the charges and you will be connected to a Student Support Advisor.

                                               i.     Please be aware that when using the call collect option, the My SSP autoattendant messaging is by passed and you will be connected directly with a respresentative. Please explain that you are a student looking to access the My SSP services from outside Canada/US.

2.     Call via Wi-Fi connection*.  To call via Wi-Fi, certain conditions must be met:

a.     You must be using a Wi-Fi-calling capable phone

                                               i.     Wi-Fi calling must be turned on. 

b.     Your service provider supports Wi-Fi calling

c.     Troubleshooting: If you are unable to make or receive Wi-Fi calls, it may be due to one of the following reasons:

                                               i.     Device does not support Wi-Fi calling.

                                              ii.     Device does not have the latest system update available

                                            iii.     Service plan does not include Wi-Fi calling

                                            iv.     Emergency address for Wi-Fi calling not set up (service providers are required by FCC to support 911 calls and collect a registered location to enable the service)

                                              v.     The Wi-Fi calling setting is turned off in device settings

                                            vi.     Wi-Fi calling is blocked on user’s phone line

                                           vii.     No Wi- Fi network connection

For more information about Wi-Fi calling including links to major US carriers policies go to:

*NOTE: making calls over Wi-Fi can still come out of your regular minutes allowance and be charges as an international call depending on your phone plan.  Be sure to read the policies of your carrier to see if there are any potential restrictions and charges related to your situation