Stress Management and Building Resilience

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Being a student comes with many challenges, especially during these uncertain times.

Stress Management and Building Resilience:

What is Stress Management and Building Resilience?

Stress Management and Building Resilience is a 3-Part Series where you’ll learn strategies, tools and resources for supporting your well-being. Join us for one, two, or all three sessions. 

What will I learn?

Part 1: Introduction to Stress and Resilience identifies resources and explores practices that support well-being. This workshop includes activities about self-awareness, social connection, and more.

Part 2: Goal Setting & Problem Setting identifies and explores resources, activities and practices related to identifying your strengths, practicing different goal setting techniques, managing time, problem solving, and cultivating grit.

Part 3: Shifting Perspective & Practicing Self-Compassion identifes and explores resources, activities and practices related to negativity bias, cultivating gratitude, self-compassion, and maintaining boundaries.

How does it work?

If you attend all three workshops, your participation can be noted on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official university document that tracks your co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more.

How do I join?

Register via Eventbrite which can be accessed in the Upcoming Sessions section. Registration has closed.

If you have any questions regarding this program, contact Sabdanaa at

Fall 2021 Schedule

Sessions will be held via Zoom.


Check out Upcoming Session for any updated times or changes to the sessions.

Upcoming Session

About the Facilitators

Sabdanaa Jeyakumaran

Health Promotion Strategist

Sabdanaa is a Health Promotion Strategist who recently graduated from the University of Toronto with a Masters of Public Health and a specialization in Community Development and Global Health. She is a Sri Lankan Tamil Canadian who has experience working in Health Promotion developing, implementing, and evaluating well-being programs for equity-seeking communities. Sabdanaa is passionate about supporting the mental health and well-being of students.