Guide to Mindfulness

Learn simple ways to practice mindfulness and use this tool to feel better and improve your mental health. 


Mindfulness does not have to be something a person masters or uses for hours throughout every day. You can experience the benefits to your own well-being and experience stress reduction by learning more about how to use mindfulness as a tool. 

At this 2-hour workshop you will:

  • Learn the principles of living in the present moment intentionally
  • Learn skills to create and maintain stability, resiliency and better emotional regulation
  • Learn about the health implications of living mindfully
  • Increase awareness of leading a balanced life 


How to Register?

Contact Shahla to register:

Fall 2022

  • TBD 

Burnaby Campus, location sent after registration.

About the Faciliator

Shahla Jalali Mazlouman

Registered Clinical Counsellor