Connected Globally and Adjusting Locally

Join us for an hour of casual conversation and tips for online learning from fellow students!

What is Connected Globally and Adjusting Locally?

In collaboration with the Global Student Centre, Global Cafe presents: Connected Globally and Adjusting locally. Connected Globally and Adjusting Locally is a series of live Q&A events where students can join to chat about adjusting to virtual learning.

How does it work?

This will be an opportunity to meet others, ask questions, and learn strategies to overcome challenges connected with online learning including sleep, school/life balance, time management, procrastination, and motivation.

Where does it take place?

Connected Globally and Adjusting Locally takes place online on Zoom.

We have other resources for international students as well!

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How do I join?

This event is open to all FIC and SFU students, both domestic and international. Register by completing the Eventbrite in the Upcoming Session section.

Upcoming Session

About the Facilitators

Ricky Tu

Ricky is HCS' Transition Case Manager, who provides specific support for students from international pathways.

Global Peers

The Global Peers are a dynamic group of students from diverse backgrounds working to celebrate diversity and promote inclusion. This is a student-driven initiative that focuses on building intercultural awareness and understanding across the SFU community.