Understanding and Coping with Anxiety and Depression

A practical and informative seminar for anyone interested in learning more about anxiety and depression. 

This seminar is open to any students, staff or faculty who are interested in learning more about anxiety and depression, both for those who have lived experience and those who just want to learn more. This seminar is not meant for diagnostic purposes and attending this seminar does not mean participants are entering into a therapeutic relationship with SFU Health & Counselling.

There will be an interactive LiveChat in parallel with the seminar, with a chance to share your thoughts or questions with Dr. Shona Adams and the SFU Health & Counselling LiveChat moderators. There will also be time after the seminar for a Q&A session with Dr. Shona Adams. 

Dr. Shona Adams is a Registered Clinical Counsellor at SFU Health and Counselling Services.


In this seminar, you will:

  • Learn about the wide range of symptoms of anxiety and depression 
  • Understand the symptoms of anxiety and depression and maintaining factors that can perpetuate these symptoms
  • Learn strategies to manage and help reduce symptoms
  • Have access to information about resources for those wanting further help or support


Thursday, November 5


1:30 to 3:30pm


Canvas and Zoom

Through Canvas, you will be able to access a recording of this seminar, the handouts and the resources. These resources are available until the end of term, so feel free to print the ones you are interested in keeping. Feel free to share these resources as well. Additionally, you can give us feedback about the event in the "Quiz" section of Canvas.


Alternatively, we offer an asynchronous version of this seminar so you can access the information during your own time.

Information about future synchronous or LiveChat versions of "Understanding and Coping with Anxiety and Depression" will be announced there as well.