Mindful Medicine for Women of Colour

Join other self-identified women of colour for a 6-week therapy group focused on mindfulness and self-compassion.

What is Mindful Medicine for Women of Colour? 

Mindful Medicine for Women of Colour is a 6-week therapy group for self-identified women of colour. 

How does it work?

Group activities focus on mindfulness and self-compassion and include mindfulness strategies, self-compassion practices, therapeutic dialogue, and journaling. The group will also be exploring issues related to diversity, equity, restorative justice, and self-care. 

Where does it take place?

Sessions take place virtually via Zoom.

Summer 2021 Schedule 


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How do I join? 

You can book a 15-minute intake session with Monique by filling out the following WebSurvey. Registration has closed.

I identify as a trans woman, can I join? 

Yes! Trans women are welcome and encouraged to join.

For more information or questions regarding this group, feel free to email Monique at moniquew@sfu.ca.

Upcoming Session 

About the Facilitators

Monique Wong

Monique is a recent immigrant from Hong Kong after being an international student here for over a decade. Cantonese is her mother tongue; Mandarin and English are her additional languages. Her professional interest lies in the role culture and race play in our being, including mental health, gender and sexual orientation. Her practice philosophy is that everyone is the author of their stories. She believes human connection is the basic ingredient for healing. Her counselling approach empathizes the mind-body connection through the lens of cultural humility, somatic experiencing, narrative therapy, and mindfulness practice.

Sara Pun