Drop-In HCS Advising

Life can be stressful and overwhelming. You don't have to struggle alone.

What is HCS Drop-in Advising? 

HCS (Health & Counselling Services) Drop-in Advising is here so you can speak with an Access Case Manager one-on-one and talk about how Health & Counselling can support you best - whether it's through regular counselling, groups, workshops or referrals. 

Drop-in HCS Advising is a virtual space for you to feel heard and supported by an Access Case Manager, and where you can figure out your next steps together.

Get support in 3 Easy Steps

1. Join the Zoom during the sign-in period

No appointment is required! 

Just join the Zoom meeting during the sign-up period, and Deb or Harp will let you know what time you will be seen.

2. Get connected with an Access Case Manager

Deb and Harp, our Access Case Managers, are here to listen to anything you are concerned about regarding mental health or accessing our services.

3. Figure out which services are best for you

Health & Counselling has an abundance of resources, and Deb and Harp can help you figure out which services are best for you.

What should I expect?

Drop-in spots are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis. To secure your spot, we encourage you to join the Zoom meeting during the sign-in period, which starts 30 minutes before the drop-in hours begin.

We encourage you to sign-in earlier as there will more likely be spots available. During the sign-in period, an Access Case Manager will let you know approximately what time you will be seen.

What if I join after the sign-in period? 

It is not necessary to join during the sign-in period; if you join after the first drop-in has started, the Access Case Manager will let you know if they are with another student and how long you may need to wait. 

How do I join? 

No appointment is required; simply click on the Upcoming Session below during the daily drop-in hours. 

Each session is approximately 30 minutes per student. 

Please note: drop-ins are not anonymous and client information will be collected for Health & Counselling’s electronic health records.

Regular Schedule

Monday - Friday

Double check Upcoming Session in case there are changes to the hours

9:30 - 10:00am

period for Morning Drop-ins

10:00 - 11:30am

Morning Drop-in Session Hours

1:30 - 2:00pm

period for Afternoon Drop-ins

2:00 - 3:30pm 

Afternoon Drop-in Session Hours

Upcoming Session

What if I can't secure a spot?

In the event that you cannot secure a drop-in spot, we encourage you to try again later or on the next day as Drop-In HCS Advising is offered daily. We also have LiveChat that you can use to get in touch with one of our Access Case Managers. Additionally, there is the support option of booking an appointment with one of our counsellors by calling the front desk at 778-782-4615.

Have a brief question you want to ask?

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Who are the Access Case Managers?

Deborah Fung

Deborah is a Clinical Counsellor and passionate about supporting students wherever they're at in their personal mental health journey.  Her previous roles at SFU involved academic advising and program planning for new students, which fostered her appreciation for the variety of unique needs across a diverse student population.  As an Access Case Manager, Deborah is curious to learn about the details of your individual concerns so that she can connect you with the best fit resource to support you.

Contact: deborah_fung@sfu.ca

Harp Shergill

Harp is a Registered Social Worker and passionate about creating a society based on equity, social harmony, mutual respect and human dignity; while addressing racial discrimination. She has several years of experience in the field of social work and health care and joined the Health & Counselling Team at SFU in 2019. As an Access Case Manager, Harp works closely with you to understand your individual needs so she can connect you with helpful and valuable resources. She wishes to ensure students are seen, heard and valued.

Contact: h_shergill@sfu.ca