Nurturing Resilience

A gender-inclusive weekly Support Group for Survivors of Sexualized Violence

The purpose of this group is to provide a safe space for participants to build community through safety and connection with other survivors. Each week we will explore a theme that emphasizes resilience and resource development in support of participants’ growth and healing journeys.

All participants will have met with the facilitator prior to joining the group, and will have signed and agreed to community rules of engagement. It is the facilitator’s priority to create safety within each session by ensuring that the participants are respectful of each other and these community agreements.

About the facilitators

Erica Van Driel is a Registered Clinical Counsellor who joined the SFU Health & Counselling team in Fall 2018 and has been working in partnership with the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office since Spring 2019. Erica practices within relational and trauma-informed frameworks in order to co-create spaces of warmth and safety. Prior to SFU, Erica worked as a support worker with women experiencing gender-based and sexualized violence in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver.

Megan Cordoba is completing her practicum at SFU Health & Counselling as part of her Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology. In her therapeutic approach, Megan employs a cognitive-behavioural framework which integrates her learnings around traumainformed interventions and modalities. As a student herself, Megan seeks to connect with the university community by honoring the personal strengths, histories, and wisdom that make each student unique. Prior to her practicum, Megan volunteered as a peer support worker on her university campus, offering one-to-one support sessions and psychoeducational workshops to students waiting to access mental health services.

This is an open group with new members able to join weekly, and is not intended to be a trauma-processing group. We support participants continuing with individual counselling sessions as needed in addition to group participation.



Every Thursday

October 29 to December 17


2:00 to 3:30pm


Online via Zoom


To register for this program, please contact Erica Van Driel at with your name and email.