Training Workshop - Students in Distress

University life can be a time of change and challenge for many students. Recognizing and responding to students in distress is something all SFU staff, faculty and students can do with the right skills. The Supporting Students in Distress and Distressing workshops will give participants the tools and know-how to recognize when students are in distress, when they are stepping over boundaries, or when students may be experiencing mental health issues and how to respond appropriately.

Whether in contact with a student in person or by email, participants will learn how to manage these students in a compassionate and firm manner by setting boundaries, addressing safety concerns, and requesting assistance from others.

Who Should Attend:

These sessions are open to ALL members of the SFU community who have already taken a Support over Suicide workshop. People who regularly interact with students (for example faculty) or who have a leadership, "gate-keeper" or "customer-focused" role may find these of particular value.

PLEASE NOTE: These sessions are designed so you can help others and are not therapy. If you have concerns about your own mental health, please see your doctor or a counsellor.

Workshops are held each semester at all campuses.  Please note that the workshops do not include lunch.  For the most current workshop schedule and/or to register online please visit  the HCS events calendar.

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