Have questions and need some answers?
Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you find where you need to go. If for whatever reason you don't find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to drop by our Health Clinic or give us a call.
Check out our Contact Us page for a list of contact information.

Q1.  Where is Health and Counselling Services located?

HCS has a clinic at both Burnaby and Vancouver campuses, and a counselling office at Surrey campus.  Check out our locations and maps to help find us!

Q2. I missed an exam and need a sick note, can I get one from a doctor at HCS?

Short answer: it depends. You need to be seen on the day of your missed exam.  For the long answer (and all the important details) see our Sick Notes information page.

Q3. If I come to see a counsellor or doctor at HCS will you keep my visit confidential?

All records within HCS are confidential.  Health & Counselling Services does share one unit of confidentiality which means divisions of HCS may share your information when necessary for your care. (ie. an HCS doctor can speak to an HCS counsellor about your visit).  Personal information can only be released outside the Centre with your written consent. Exceptions are only made in the case of life threatening emergencies or as required by law and/or public health regulations, see the HCS Confidentiality page for further details.

Q4. Do I need medical insurance to see an HCS doctor?

Yes, you do need basic medical insurance, otherwise known as BC MSP.  All BC residents are required to get BC MSP.  If you are visiting SFU from another part of Canada or the world you will be required to get BC MSP while you are in BC.  Please see the SFU Medical Insurance information page for all the details.

Q5. Can a counsellor at HCS authorize my withdrawal from  a course?

Short answer: no, but an HCS counsellor or doctor can provide the supporting documents at their discretion.  For the longer answer see our withdrawal/deferral process information page.

Q6. Can I volunteer at HCS?

Yes, every year HCS is fortunate to work with a team of Peer Health Educators. These student volunteers commit two terms of 3-5 hours of work a week to help HCS staff address health issues including sexual health, alcohol responsibility, stress management, healthy eating, active living, and positive body image through special events, awareness campaigns and presentations.  Find out more by visiting the Peer Programs website.

How to get here:

>>>locations and maps


located in MBC 0101 on the bottom floor of the Maggie Benston Centre.

SFU VAN - Harbour Centre
located in Room 300 on the lower level of Harbour Centre, at the base of the escalator

located in Room 2534 on the Mezzanine level of campus.

Need to cancel?
(by phone or in person only)

Doctors & Nurses - 24 hours notice by phone or in person 
(a $25 fee charged for no shows and cancellations with less than 24 hours) notice.

Counsellors & Psychiatrist - 48 hours notice by phone or in person 
(or a $25 fee will be charged)

After-Hours Counselling
(Crisis Centre of BC)

604-872-3311 or 1-800-784-2433

Online Chat
For Adults: crisiscentrechat.ca
For Youth: youthinbc.com