Mental health at SFU

Your time at SFU is important -- that's why we're here to provide support when you need it, where you need it.

Access counselling 24/7, explore our support options, or learn more about your well-being: all in one place.


Contributing to something bigger than ourselves gives us purpose and meaning. Find meaning, perform acts of kindness, focus on others, and contribute to your community.

Do kind things for other people:

Doing kind things for others enhance their well-being, contribute to a greater sense of belonging, and enhance social connection while also enhancing your own emotional and physical well-being

  • Reach out to a friend, colleague, teacher, or family member to express your thanks and appreciation

  • Do a random act of kindness, such as giving someone a compliment

  • Volunteer for an organization or something that you care about and share your skills, knowledge, and kindness with others  

  • Create an acrostic poem expressing your appreciation to someone in your life

Help to create a thriving community to enhance your sense of belonging:

  • Identify a cause that matters to you and look into opportunities to support the cause

  • Be an active member of the communities you are part of by exercising your right to vote and advocating for the changes you want to see


Find a sense of direction, meaning, and motivation for life after university:

  • Create a list of goals for yourself which are positive, meaningful, realistic and specific

  • Reflect on your passions in life. Which ideas excite and motivate you? Pursue your passion, while being flexible and open to change and new opportunities

  • Visit Career Services to help guide your academic path

  • Do your research. Use the internet, services on campus and networking with new people to help chart your course. You can start by joining the SFU LinkedIn Group


Develop your intercultural skills:

  • Be open-minded and appreciative of diversity

  • Challenge your assumptions and discomfort around the unknown

  • Take time to explore and appreciate your social identities, cultures, and histories

  • Be aware of how your social identities and individual culture influences how you perceive others

  • Consider reading through this list of resources and calls to action that are intended to be a starting point for anyone looking to incorporate anti-racist activism into your daily life.


SFU Resources

Multifaith Centre: Visit the Multifaith Centre at SFU to explore your spiritual well-being.  

Healthy Campus Community: Contribute to the Healthy Campus Community at SFU by volunteering with the Health Peers or Student Health Advisory Committee, or by taking other steps to help advocate for healthy policies, physical spaces and learning environments at SFU. Learn more

Peer Programs: Looking for career-related experience? Want to meet new people? Interested in learning new skills? Peer programs provide students with an opportunity to gain a variety of skills and work experience by engaging them in meaningful volunteer work, specifically, peer to peer service in the campus community. Peer educators work closely with professional staff and gain career-related experience through training, professional development, supervision, evaluation and the delivery of services and programs to fellow students.

Residence Programming: Find upcoming events in Residence so you can get active and participate in your Residence community.

SFSS Women’s Centre: The Women’s Centre provides support and resources for all self-identified women, trans, and intersex people, and offers education and services to all visitors and allies. They offer programming on a variety of different topics and activities all year round.

Thriving in Graduate School: As a TA/TM, explore Thriving in Graduate School to learn how you can contribute to student well-being through your role

SFU Volunteer Services: SFU Volunteer Services offers resources and information relating to on campus and off campus volunteer and community involvement opportunities, events and workshops. Find out more about how you can get engaged in your community!

Student Clubs: A great way to get involved in your campus community is with student clubs - join an existing cultural or social club that contributes to the betterment of the broader community or a Peer Mentorship program.


Additional Resources

Volunteer: Check out or for various volunteer opportunities with Not-For-Profits.

Faculty and staff

Are you looking to promote contribution in your classroom or workplace? Everyone at SFU can help create a healthy campus community. Learn how you can support contribution as a teacher or administrator below.