Social Connection

What does it mean to be socially connected?

Quality relationships are central to individual and collective well-being and you do not need to be physically with someone to feel connected to them. Enhance your university experience by connecting with others, forming new or enhancing existing relationships, and engaging with your community.


Stay socially connected:

  • Take part in fun and casual virtual or in-person activities and programs led by the Health Peers
  • Join other SFU students virtually in creative activities, like crafts, doodling, and writing with the Creative Collective
  • Thanks to technology, there are many ways to maintain open communications with others, including via Zoom, Facetime, Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Houseparty, Marco Polo, Snapchat, Google Duo
    • Schedule a recurring check in or study meeting 
    • Plan a virtual hangout session with a group of friends
    • Have a lunch date with someone special 
    • Host a karaoke session or book club meet up 
  • Take a virtual tour of famous museums around with the world with your friends
  • Watch movies or shows together by calling or using Netflix Party
  • Play an online game with friends like Jackbox TV or Monopoly
  • Take 20 minutes to call a friend or family member
  • Make a point of introducing yourself to someone new in class or in your workplace
  • When working on a class discussion or work project, be intentional about fostering positive interactions and getting to know each other as peoplenot just work partners.
  • Plan an afternoon to disconnect from work or study and focus on spending quality time with friends and family
  • Join a new club or SFU committee and get involved at SFU
  • Complete the Wellness Quiz to assess your social and cultural wellness and be linked with useful resources both on- and off-campus
  • Attend one of the Health Peers’ in person events such as Community Cooking to get connected
  • Try a group offered by Health & Counselling Services such as Yoga for the Mind and A Sip of CARE

Faculty and staff

Are you looking to promote social connection in your classroom or workplace? Everyone at SFU can help create a healthy campus community. Learn how you can support social connection as a teacher or administrator below.