Sexual Assault Support

For more information about what to do in the event of a sexual assault as well as reporting options please visit the SFU Sexual Assault website.

Support is available at Health and Counselling Services following a sexual assault. You can choose to see a doctor and/or a counsellor. Please consider seeking support as soon as you feel able.

The Health Clinics can provide the following services in the event of a sexual assault:

  • Emergency Contraception
  • Pregnancy testing
  • STI testing
  • Transportation to hospital for treatment and care, and/or forensic testing
  • Information about Campus Security‚Äôs Personal Security Office

Doctor and/or Counsellor appointments

  • We can provide you with the most effective support if you let us know your appointment is regarding a sexual assault.
  • In person: If you arrive at the clinic in person you can ask to share the reason for your visit in a private room.
  • Your choice: You can request a male or female counsellor.  A female doctor is on duty at most times during clinic hours, a male doctor is not always on duty. 

Services Available:

Counselling Services

Counselling Services are available at all three SFU campuses. 

Please click here for contact information and hours of operation.

Health Clinic

Health Clinics are located at the Burnaby and Vancouver campuses.  

Please click here for contact information and hours of operation.

Campus Security

Phone: 778-782-4500

Campus Security  is available to provide after-hours emergency support and can assist in arranging transportation to the hospital.

Forensic Exams (Evidence Collection) 

Health and Counselling provides medical care following a sexual assault, but forensic exams are only provided at two locations within the lower mainland: Vancouver General Hospital or Surrey Memorial Hospital.  Health and Counselling can assist in providing transportation to these hospitals.  A forensic exam can be completed within seven days following a sexual assault and involves collection of possible DNA and evidence should you wish to report the sexual assault to authorities.  You do not have to report at the time of the exam but the collection process allows evidence to be securely stored should you wish to report at any time in the future.