Connected Globally, Adjusting Locally

Arriving in a new country and university can be an overwhelming experience.

This group provides students from international pathways with practical skills that will support their growth and success during their time at SFU.

Past Group Dates & Topics

January 16 - Cultural Change and Adjustment

Learn and understand the changes you may experience with adjusting to a new culture and environment, and how our identity may change as well. 

January 23 - Communication Skills and Public Speaking

Increase your knowledge and grow your communications skills – learn about soft skills (ie. small talk, do's and don’ts, social etiquettes). We will discuss techniques for public speaking! 

January 30 - Leadership and Working in Groups

Learn what makes an effective leader and skills that are needed when working with a group of individuals. Understand your own leadership style and how it impacts your work.

February 6 - Getting Ready to Work

Understand the necessary steps you need to take to obtain employment and be aware of resources to assist you with finding work. 

February 13 - Understanding Medical Systems

Understand the different medical systems (ie. and MSP) and what is covered as well as other low cost medical services (ie. dentists).

February 27 - Time Management and Procrastination

Increase your organization skills to manage your time between activities as well as be aware of the overall timeline as a student. Understand procrastination and how to address it!

March 6 - Study Tips and Strategies for Success

Learn different strategies for studying and understand best practices to learn and increase your academic success.

March 13 - Budgeting, Finances, and Resources

Understand the basics of budgeting and learn about resources that are available.

March 20 - Stress Management

Learn what stress is, how it impacts your health, and ways to decrease stress!

March 27 - Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Understand the connection between confidence and self-esteem and recognize the strengths that you have!

April 3 - Self-Care

Learning strategies and the importance of taking time to care for yourself and the positive impact it can have on your wellbeing.

Meet others, share resources, and gain knowledge.

A peer facilitator, who may have similar experiences with transitioning to SFU and Canada, will assist in presenting a topic each week. Participants can expect this group to be very interactive, where participants will engage with each other through different activities and discussions.

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There are currently no dates and times set for the Fall 2019 semester.

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Group Room 3 (enter through Career Services in MBC 0300)