Summer Wellness Workshops

Free drop-in workshop open to SFU students

Join us for a summer series of Tuesday workshops designed to help students brush up on or learn new skills for coping with a variety of concerns. Participants will be given tools to practice at home, as well as resources for further reading.

Schedule for Summer term

June 25 - Tools for Taming Anxiety

This workshop is designed to teach participants the basics of how anxiety works and how we can begin to take a more active role in managing it in a way that works for us. Attendees will learn about the cycle of anxiety and will have an opportunity to learn and practice coping strategies.

July 9 - Skills for Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation and distress tolerance are skills that come in handy in all areas of our lives, but are often easier said than done. This workshop is designed to teach participants about the role of distressing emotions in our lives and how to tolerate and deal with them in a practical way. Participants will learn strategies for coping with difficult emotions, including mindfulness.

July 23 - Tips for Managing Low Mood

We all experience highs and lows in mood from time to time, but it can become distressing when we feel our moods are out of our control. This introductory workshop will provide participants with information about how low moods perpetuate themselves and how to take an active role in coping with them.

August 20 - Relationships and Boundary-Setting

Setting reasonable boundaries for our own and other's behaviours is an integral part of maintaining healthy relationships. Based on dialectical behavioural therapy concepts, this workshop will provide participants with practical information and tools for setting reasonable boundaries with others for our own well-being, as well as communicating our wants and needs more effectively.


Drop in - please email Sarah Becker ( to register. Times and locations below.


2:00pm - 4:30pm

*Begins on June 25 and ends on July 23. Please refer to the Schedule on this page as the workshop does not run every Tuesday.


Group Room 3 (enter through Career Services in MBC 0300)