Contributing to something bigger than ourselves gives us purpose and meaning. Find meaning, perform acts of kindness, focus on others, and contribute to your community.

Acts of kindness

Doing kind things for other people enhances their well-being, contributes to a greater sense of belonging, and enhances social connection. It also enhances your own emotional and physical well-being.

  • Reach out to a friend, colleague, teacher, or family member to express your thanks and appreciation
  • Do a random act of kindness such as giving up your seat on the bus, buying a stranger a coffee, or giving someone a compliment
  • Try volunteering for an organization that contributes to a cause you believe in


Helping to create a thriving community enhances your sense of belonging—a central component of positive mental health.

  • Identify a cause that matters to you and investigate opportunities to support the cause
  • Be an active member of the communities you are part of by exercising your right to vote and advocating for the changes you want to see
  • As a TA/TM, join the TA/TM well-being project to learn how you can contribute to student well-being through your role
  • Be part of creating a Healthy Campus Community at SFU by volunteering with the Health Peers or Student Health Advisory Committee, or by taking other steps to help advocate for healthy policies, physical spaces and learning environments at SFU. Learn more.
  • Join an SFU Club that contributes to the betterment of the broader community or a Peer Mentorship program
  • Complete the Wellness Quiz to assess your spiritual wellness and be linked with useful resources both on- and off-campus.


Faculty and staff

Are you looking for ways to help grow social connections in your classroom or workplace? Everyone at SFU can work to make our campus a healthy community. Learn how you can support well-being as a teacher or administrator.