At Health and Counselling, we believe in giving back to our community and we believe that our student volunteers are the key to our success. This commitment provides our student volunteers with an opportunity to give back to SFU’s community and beyond and helps expose each student to a variety of work experiences and networking opportunities and a chance to follow their passions and be part of a community that is driven by students, for students.

At Health and Counselling, we support initiatives that raise awareness and help ensure the health and well-being of everyone. 

Hi F.I.V.E.

Hi F.I.V.E.” (Friendship, Invite conversation, Value everyone’s gift, Eliminate Stigma) is an on-going initiative that aims to eliminate stigma towards those who are experiencing mental health distress or illness (now or in the past).  

Hi F.I.V.E. invites everybody in the SFU community and beyond to join them in taking this pledge and respect and embrace anyone experiencing mental health distress or mental illness. The group hosts events and campaigns to engage the SFU community and make resources and support accessible to all.

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The Health Peers

The Peer Health Educators work with the Health Promotion team at SFU’s Health & Counselling Services to create healthy campus environments and support the SFU community in achieving health and wellness. The peer health educators provide health education outreaches on topics such as sexual health, responsible partying, social connectedness, stress management, healthy eating, active living, healthy settings and positive body image. They also coordinate and deliver semester long programs designed to enhance the health and well-being of SFU students.

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The Student Health Advisory Committee

The Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) is a platform for student involvement, advocacy and empowerment that contributes to the Healthy Campus Community (HCC) initiative led by the SFU Health Promotion team at Health & Counselling Services. SHAC Leaders work closely with the Health Promotion team, providing ongoing student input to HCC related projects. SHAC Leaders are also responsible for organizing and chairing committee meetings, attending regular meetings with the Health Promotion team and engaging SFU student organizations, groups and individuals in an ongoing dialogue related to well-being. 

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