Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshops

If you see someone in distress or at risk of suicide, do you know how to help? Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshops (formerly called Support Over Suicide or SOS training) are designed to provide participants with a brief introduction on how to recognize potential signs of distress and/or suicide risk, how to provide immediate support, and how to make appropriate referrals.

Open to SFU & FIC students, faculty and staff.

Suicide Prevention and Awareness

In the Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshop (formerly called Support Over Suicide or SOS training), participants will learn how to ask about suicidal thoughts and learn how to effectively respond to students in distress using interpersonal skills. The workshop teaches participants how to successfully connect a student that may be struggling with various SFU and community-based services. This workshop is free and open to all members of the SFU community.

Note: We aren’t offering any Supporting Students in Distress (SID) workshops this term, but special requests will be considered, and a Canvas course will be available soon.

Why do we offer Suicide Prevention and Awareness Workshops?

Many students experience a range of mental health issues, from depression and anxiety, to risk of self-harm or suicide. These are difficult issues to deal with if you are someone's friend, advisor, or instructor.

Interested, but unable to attend?

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Spring 2022

Sessions will be held via Zoom.

February 17 | 1:30 to 4:30pm

March 22  | 9:30 to 12:30pm

Check out Upcoming Sessions below for any updated times or changes to the sessions.

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official university document that tracks your co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more.


Register by filling out the WebSurvey. The Zoom link will be sent to you via email one day before the workshop.

For further inquiries, please email David at

Recognize potential signs of distress/suicide risk

Provide immediate support

Make appropriate referrals

Upcoming Session

About the Facilitators

David Lindskoog

Registered Clinical Counsellor

David is a Registered Clinical Counsellor holding a MA in counselling psychology from Adler University. His approach integrates emotion-focused, narrative, and cognitive-behavioural therapy, and he prioritizes offering a grounded and caring atmosphere emphasizing safety and empathy. David is passionate about suicide prevention, social justice, career and professional development concerns, and the use of role-playing games in therapy.

Britt Phillips

Mental Health Nurse

Britt holds a Diploma of Psychiatric Nursing from Douglas College and has 8 years of experience working in the field of psych nursing. After spending 5 years working with children and youth at BC Children’s hospital in various mental health programs, Britt joined SFU’s Health and Counselling team as a Mental Health Nurse.


Mental Health Nurse

Do you have concerns about your own mental health?

Please note that these sessions are designed to educate on how you can help others, and are not therapy. Explore more options for supporting students at SFU, or find resources for faculty and staff.