About the Indigenous Student Centre

The Indigenous Student Centre (ISC) is a welcoming gathering space that provides holistic student support and services to Indigenous students from the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Nations. 

A Welcoming Gathering Space

  • Computers, printing, study space, photocopier, and fax are available for students 
  • Place to smudge 
  • Common kitchen 
  • ISC staff can assist third-party funded students to coordinate with funding arrangements

Student Support

  • Academic success workshops 
  • A strong social community 
  • Culturally focused workshops 
  • Bridged support to student services provided by the university 

Services Provided

Through partnership work with various student services available at SFU, Indigenous students can access the following at the ISC: 

  • Academic Advising 
  • Financial Aid Advising 
  • Graduate Student Support 
  • Indigenous Co-op Support 
  • Counselling 

About the ISC Logo

Our logo is by Sk’aal Tsiid (Flicker Bird) James Cowpar, Tsaalth Clan, Haida Gwaii

With the circle we see the representation of Métis and Plains peoples through the unity and sweet grass. Inside are the main crests of our coastal peoples, the eagle and the raven, representing power, strength, wisdom, and community. Beneath the wings of the eagle and raven are its offspring, a man and a woman holding a textbook. Together they create a sacred circle representative of First Nations peoples. Combined, the logo conveys the life cycle of a First Nations student, whereas, the elements of our culture combine to create unity and strength among our peoples. Representation of Métis, Plains, Northwest Coast design/crests capture the diversity of First Nations people attending post-secondary institutions. The addition of the man and woman, west coast style design, combines our identity within the design, creating a sacred circle describing who we are and what we stand for.