Third Party Sponsorship 

If you are eligible to receive third party sponsorship (i.e. funding from First Nations band, Métis organization, Inuit organization), please ensure that your sponsorship form has been sent to SFU Student Accounts no later than the tuition fee deadline for the term. 

Please submit the sponsorship authorization form to Student Accounts by faxing 778-782-4263, or by email at
If books and supplies are included within your sponsorship authorization, an account will be set up for you with the SFU Bookstore. For invoicing purposes, the purchase period is 2 weeks before the start of the term until the end of Week 3 of the term. It is your responsibility to make SFU Bookstore purchases according to your agreement with the sponsor. Any purchases made outside of the sponsorship authorization will be charged to your SFU student account as an outstanding balance.  
Summer 2022 Semester Bookstore Purchase Period will begin May 2nd and end May 31st, 2022.
ISC staff are available to assist with any questions or concerns regarding third party sponsorship and SFU Bookstore purchases.
You can connect with us by contacting