ISC Honouring Ceremony

The ISC Honouring Ceremony is a special event held each year to honour and celebrate Indigenous students in their degree completion at SFU.

Honouring Ceremony 2021

On June 22, 2021, the Virtual Honouring Ceremony celebrated 155 Indigenous graduands, including 94 undergraduate students, 61 graduate students—including 24 MBAs—and 30 Indigenous Language Program graduates (14 diplomas in Indigenous Language Proficiency and 16 certificates in Indigenous Language Proficiency).

A special memory book has also been compiled for the 2020/21 graduates who registered for the event.

As well, a Padlet has been created as a place to share messages of congratulations with grads, or for grads to share words of encouragement for future grads. We invite you to leave a message below.

Event Program

To view the 2021 Program, please click here

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Honouring Ceremony 2020

On June 21, 2020, graduates participated in the first ever ISC Virtual Honouring Ceremony. 

The Honouring Ceremony celebrated 143 Indigenous graduands, including 91 undergraduate students, 53 graduate students—including 18 MBAs—and 30 First Nations Language Program graduates (16 diplomas in First Nations Language Proficiency and 14 certificates in First Nations Language Proficiency).

Event Program

To view the 2020 Program, please click here.