Join us for special performances of dance, song, traditional drumming and much more to celebrate and show case the diversity of Indigenous peoples through arts and culture.

Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm PT

Location: Surrey Campus Mezzanine

Performance Details

Nyla Carpentier - Host

Nyla Carpentier (Tahltan, Kaska, French, Scottish) is a multifaceted performing artist currently residing in North Vancouver. She is a new mom, a powwow dancer and workshop facilitator. Theatre acting highlights: Battle of the Birds (Savage Society), The Flats/Les Flats (Prairie Theatre Exchange and Theatre Cercle Moliere), The Berlin Blues and Ipperwash (The Blyth Theatre Festival), Busted Up: A Yukon Story (Openpit Theatre), God’s Lake (Castlereigh Productions) and Nyla performed her new solo Dissection of a… Mixed Heritage Woman (Victoria and Vancouver Fringe Festival) Drawing on her experience as someone of mixed heritage - her goal is to blend the past, present and create new works for the future.

Kevin Kelly and Michael Kelly-Gabriel

Eagle Song Dancers

Spakwus Slolem, (translated,”Eagle Song Dancers), are members of the Squamish Nation. Geographically located in what is called the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Our traditional territory being the Howe Sound, Vancouver to Whistler area. The Squamish have lived and utilized this area for over 10,000 years, having history traced back to the Great Flood, and an Ice Age.

We are a Coastal people, people of the cedar longhouses, of the great sea-going canoes, the racing war canoes, People of the Salmon. Our colourful history speaks of things of legend, of deeds of certain members of the Smylaith Tribe (Sasquatch), legends of the Animal Kingdom(i.e., The Raven, Seagull and Sun), which brings out Teachings of our Squamish People, the History of Takaya, the Wolf Clan, one of our Squamish Family’s History.

Spakwus Slolem presentations brings out “Chiax”, the protocol and laws of our canoe culture, for our Longhouses. Some of our Elders today still have memories of early years, travelling across the waters in great canoes to visit Family in distant land , and exercising our Chiax. Spakwus Slolem presents a glimpse into this culture through singing/drumming and dance, and audience participation.

A Great Canoe gathering took place in 1993, called “The Gaatuwas”, in Bella Bella, B.C., paddlers from the Squamish sea-going Canoe enjoyed the culture so much they decided to continue, and eventually became known as Spakwus Slolem (Eagle Song) , travelling and presenting at venues in Switzerland (jazz festival) , Taiwan (2), Japan (2), across Canada, and locally, as well as Washington State.

Our cultural history is steeped in tradition, spirituality, canoes, family history, legends and stories of our Ancestors. Teachings that we observe today on Tribal Journeys, paddling our sea-going canoes, to visit villages of our coastal relatives.The image of the canoe is from our Squamish Kwxulth Family (Sea-going canoe Family), and is very active on the water.

Spakwus Slolem is pleased and honoured to present songs and dances of yesterday, as well as today, and feel very honoured to represent our People in a good way, as our Ancestors had intended.

Huy chewx aa, Wey chewx yuu.

Madeline McCallum

Madelaine McCallum is a gifted dancer, motivational speaker, facilitator, and MC — a true, multi-faceted creative. She is from Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan and brings passion with a gentle yet powerful presence to the stage whether she is there to share one of her inspiring Speaks or she has been asked to dance, or MC. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of dance and culture and doesn't shy away from sharing her story of survival, knowing that dance has been an outlet and saviour throughout her life.

Though she is often known immediately for her Métis dance  (she's been jigging since she could walk!), she loves all forms including Pow Wow, contemporary, hip hop, and movement from the soul. She has created traditional and fitness-based dance workshops including Pow Wow Impact, Jig Fit, Pow Wow Zumba, and traditional Pow Wow and Jigging workshops.

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