Team of Spring 2020

What is the Global Engagement Student Committee?

The GESC committee is a dynamic group of students from diverse backgrounds working to facilitate intercultural engagement, and to motivate fellow students to build a more inclusive campus community. This is a student-driven initiative that focuses on building intercultural awareness and understanding across the SFU community.

Committee members are provided with training and professional development opportunities in the areas of leadership and intercultural competency. They also have the opportunity to create events or programming that foster meaningful connections between diverse groups of students across campus. 

Why would students want to be a part of this Committee?

  • Build a stronger understanding of your own cultural perceptions and identities
  • Opportunity to lead and support student events and initiatives
  • Increased learning in areas of intercultural communication and diversity
  • Gain project management teamwork, and networking skills
  • Opportunity to meet and work with other students from different cultures
  • Be a diversity advocate here on campus, and help to communicate and demonstrate the value it offers the SFU community and beyond
  • The committee liaises with SFU clubs and societies, the Global Student Centre, International Services for Students, and other university partners to coordinate global engagement initiatives 

Past Events:

Application Status:

Applications are now CLOSED.

Interested in joining or have questions?

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Upcoming Events

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    Check out all the upcoming and ongoing events happening at the GSC!

A Music and Dance Soiree Fall 2019

GSC's Treasure Hunt Fall 2019

Global Kitchen Fall 2019 - Egg briyani

Global Kitchen Fall 2019 - Nigerian Beans and Dodo 

Global Kitchen Summer 2019 - Kimbap

Global Kitchen Summer 2019 - Chinese Cold Noodles

Global Kitchen Summer 2019 - Tacos   

What's Your Beat? Spring 2019 

Global Kitchen Spring 2019 - Jollof Rice

Global Kitchen Spring 2019 - Vietnamese Spring Rolls

How Global Are You? - Spring 2019

Diwali 2018

Global Kitchen Spring 2019 - Arepas

Language Fest

Global Kitchen 2018

Global Mix N' Mingle

Around the World in 80 Minutes

Global Talent Night 2018

Created by the Committee:

Meet the current committee members...

Ann Pham


I am extremely fascinated to see how people behave and interact in a multicultural setting. 

Farhan Shahriar


I am really interested in motivational speaking about identity and culture. 

Hilmi Samarah


My interest is to join people from all corners of the globe, with all kind of mother tongues and upbringings in a safe, empowering and inclusive environment.

Simran Kaur


Being an international student myself, away from home, I see many like myself from all over the world with whom I look forward to interact and work with and learn new things each day!

Brandon Ngo


To me, culture is an area of discorvering new perspectives, exploring different context, and venturing into uncharted outlooks which is, in of itself, quite spectacular, interesting and possibly breathtaking. 

Felicity Jiang


I want to explore the beauty of different cultures through listening to stories of people coming from different backgrounds and also share the beauty to others.

Mustafa Al Aff Nafe


I am very passionate about and fascinated by the different cuisines that different cultures bring to the table. 



I really want to be able to help people from different backgrounds and cultures connect and appreciate each other’s company by learning about and from each other through activities, conversations, discussions. 



I am very interested in exploring different cultures and the beauty of diversity and mankind.



I am very interested in Health as it relates to culture, particularly mental health. I also enjoy learning new languages. 



I want to explore new ways of learning from listening to other people’s stories and experiences.