Meet the Team

Global Community @ SFU program is led by a group of dedicated student volunteers known as Community Peers. Community Peers collaborate together to host events and meet ups for members registered with the Global Community @ SFU.

Together, they host peer-to-peer group discussions with the members sharing tips from their time at SFU and celebrating diversity through intercultural socials. 

Program Coordinator


Hey Everyone! I am very excited to be the coordinator of the Global Community @SFU this year! I was the Coordinator for this program a few years ago, and am very happy to be back. I am passionate about helping others and creating a safe and happy environment for students. I can't wait to contribute to creating an inclusive, warm, and fun community of diverse students with the Global Community @ SFU Program. 

Team Leads 


Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be a team lead with the Global Community @ SFU this year, and I’m stoked to get to know you, hear your stories, and try my best to help you feel more at home at SFU. 

I’m a third year Political Science and French student, and I just got back from my own exchange to France. Feeling like an outsider can be tough, but we’re here to help welcome you and make you feel at home at SFU. I hope that with the GC @ SFU I can contribute to an important sense of community that we can all be proud to be a part of. I’m looking forward to an amazing year working with the Global Community @ SFU.


Hey guys, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the GC @ SFU team again. I moved to Canada almost two years ago, and since my first semester here I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this community. The program served as a bridge for me, making me feel comfortable and welcomed in this new environment.

The Global Community @ SFU has been a constant support throughout my time at SFU, and I just hope to be able to extend that support to all incoming students! Looking forward to a great year ahead.


A new year, and a new start! Hi everyone, words cannot explain how excited I am to be one of the team lead for the Global Communtiy @ SFU this year. I came to Canada when I was 12, this new environment and experience forces me to go out of my comfort zone and make friends all over the world. And today I am glad to become who I am and have a strong will to help other students to achieve their goals.

I wish through GC @ SFU I am able to help incoming students feel comfortable during their transition time, at the same time hoping all students will develop a heart to join Global Community @ SFU in the future and help other incoming students. Let us together, build up this beautiful community. 


Hi everyone! I'm really excited to be part of the Global Community @ SFU this year. I came to Canada two years ago, and to be honest, the Program has helped me out a lot since then. I got to know more new people, more connections, and sought a lot of advice from them in both of my academic studies and in my life. Sounds interesting? Curious about this? If yes, I would love to see you soon. I hope that the Program can help the SFU incoming students, as much as we can!

Community Peers


Hello everyone! My name is Janmie (I also go by Jay). I use she/ her/ hers pronouns. I am a third-year political science and communications student. I joined the Global Community @ SFU because I want to learn about new cultures and meet new people. In my spare time, I love going out to take photos, going to concerts, and cafe hopping. I am also passionate about human rights and LGBTQIA2S+ issues. I am super excited to meet you all! 


Hi everyone! I’m a fourth-year business student graduating in Summer 2020. Born and raised in Japan, I know how hard it can be to study abroad. I’m so stoked to be a mentor helping you transition into SFU and Vancouver life! 


It is my third year in SFU and I have two year high school experience in West Vancouver. SFU is a good community which provides a lot of opportunity to explore yourselves. Welcome to this family!


My name is Rashi and I am an international student majoring in Film, with a minor in IAT. I grew up moving around the world and have lived in seven different countries so far– Romania, Australia, Kenya, India, Sweden, Japan, and now Canada! So although I am Indian by nationality and ethnicity, I like to think of myself as a global citizen! In my free time, I enjoy photography, going on hikes, exploring places, and meeting new people :)


I'm Sofia, currently starting my fourth year in the faculty of arts and social sciences! Ask me about my semester studying criminology abroad or my co-op work term in the public sector. 



Hey everyone! I'm Sanaa and this is a picture of me soaking up the sun☀️ I love the summer weather and sitting in the sun or going to explore a new place (preferably one that includes food and coffee!) I am extremely excited to meet everyone and be a part of this program. 


Hi everyone! I am a third year Political Science student and I am thrilled to be a mentor with the Global Community  Program. I hope to extend my support through sharing my own experiences and challenges, as well as help foster a sense of community among students new to SFU. 



Hello, everyone! I am a fourth year accounting and marketing student in Beedie, and I'm super excited to be a Global Community @ SFU mentor and community peer starting from FALL 2019. I'm passionate about meeting new people and exploring the cities, so feel free to reach me at anytime you would like to join!


Hello! My name is Hamish, and I am super excited to be involved with the Global Community this semester! I am in my fourth year at SFU, and as a member of the French Cohort Program, I recently returned from two semesters abroad in France. I love the outdoors, playing sports and getting to know new people. Can’t wait to meet you all! (Pronouns: He / Him / His) 


My name is Iulia and I am in my second year studying Political Science at SFU. What I love most about SFU is the sense of community that there is on campus! This is what inspired me to get involved with the Global Community @ SFU, and I want to promote it in any way that I can.


I’m a third year biomedical physiology student at SFU. I love SFU because it’s such a diverse community. Everyone comes from somewhere unique.


Hello all! I am Ekin, from Turkey. I am in my third year, majoring in Criminology and minoring in Psychology. I would like to be a researcher in future! My favorite things about SFU are movie nights, S’mores Day at the fire pits, attending international events at Global Student Centre and walking around our beautiful Burnaby campus! I am very happy to have an opportunity to meet people from all over the world, to learn different cultures and to explore Lower Mainland! 


My Name is Fegor Obuwoma, I’m a film major and in my third year at SFU. I’m from Nigeria and I’m Isoko, I’m also gemini and I enjoy reading books and watching movies and series as well as filmmaking. I’m really interested in art and how it affects society especially as a form of resistance to oppression.


Hi! My name is Ramy and I study Mechatronics Engineering. I enjoy travelling, photography, nature, and watching movies.  I also enjoy meeting new people, so please don't hesitate to say Hi! Looking forward to seeing all of you soon



Hi I’m Emily, I'm majoring in International Studies: Security and Conflict stream, and minoring in First Nations Studies. What I like most about SFU is the opportunities it makes available to its students, and all the people I've met through my studies so far!


Hi. My name is Takunda (I usually go by TK) and I'm a 3rd-year Computer engineering student. I enjoy playing basketball, field hockey and other team-based sports(though I'm not always good at them). I love watching anime, reading manga and novels and am borderline addicted to YouTube (Veritasium, The Closer Look, Because Science and  Corridor Crew to name a few). I had a tough time acclimatizing to my first year in Canada and I hope that I can help make your experience a lot smoother. Feel free to reach out to me if you ever have questions.



Hi everyone! I'm super excited to be a part of the Global Community @ SFU this year. I understand the fears of being an incoming student so I hope to be a reliable support and helping hand in your transition! Can't wait to meet you all!


Hello, my name is Corinne and I am a fourth year political science student at SFU. Fun fact: I am originally from Montreal and last year I studied abroad in Switzerland!


Hi everyone! My name is Juliet and I'm a 3rd year Communication student minor in Publishing Program. I've been living in Canada for almost 4 years and I really enjoy my life here. In my free time, I enjoy doing water colors, embroidery as well as cooking.