Global Community Mentorship Program
(formerly known as International Mentorship Program)

The Global Community Mentorship Program (GCMP) is a student-led volunteer program that connects new students with current SFU students. Our mission is to provide students with enriching cultural experiences, support their transition to Canadian life and introduce them to the SFU community.


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Phone: 778.782.4232
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

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Applications for being a mentor for 2019 - 2020 is now open! 

Applications to request a mentor for Fall 2019 will open in Summer 2019. 

Meet the Team

Reem Mustafa - Coordinator

Hey everyone! I'm super excited to be the coordinator for the Global Community Mentorship Program this year. A little over four years ago I moved half way across the world to start my new life here at SFU. Depsite being overwhelmed at first, I am now proud to call SFU my home. Through the GCMP I hope to help as many incoming students, with their transition to their new home and familiarize them with SFU's resources, as possible! I look forward to building an incredible, intercultural community with you and hope to see you soon! 

Nick Nguyen - Team Lead

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to be part of the Global Community Mentorship Program this year. I came to Canada two years ago, and to be honest, the Program has helped me out a lot since then. I got to know more new people, more connections, and sought a lot of advice from them in both of my academic studies and in my life. Sounds interesting? Curious about this? If yes, I would love to see you soon. I hope that the Program can help the SFU incoming students, as much as we can!

Jozsef Varga - Team Lead

Hi everyone! I’m super excited to be a team lead with the Global Community Mentorship Program this year, and I’m stoked to get to know you, hear your stories, and try my best to help you feel more at home at SFU. 

I’m a third year Political Science and French student, and I just got back from my own exchange to France. Feeling like an outsider can be tough, but we’re here to help welcome you and make you feel at home at SFU. I hope that with the GCMP I can contribute to an important sense of community that we can all be proud to be a part of. I’m looking forward to an amazing year working with the GCMP

Linda Zhao - Team Lead 

A new year, and a new start! Hi everyone, words cannot explain how excited I am to be one of the team lead for the Global Community Mentorship Program this year. I came to Canada when I was 12, this new environment and experience forces me to go out of my comfort zone and make friends all over the world. And today I am glad to become who I am and have a strong will to help other students to achieve their goals. I wish through GCMP I am able to help incoming students feel comfortable during their transition time, at the same time hoping all students will develop a heart to join GCMP in the future and help other incoming students. Let us together, build up this beautiful community. 

Tanya Seth - Team Lead

Hey guys, I'm so thrilled to be a part of the GCMP team again. I moved to Canada almost two years ago, and since my first semester here I have been fortunate enough to be a part of this community. The program served as a bridge for me, making me feel comfortable and welcomed in this new environment.

The GCMP has been a constant support throughout my time at SFU, and I just hope to be able to extend that support to all incoming students! Looking forward to a great year ahead.

Marina Kadriu - Team Lead 

I am an international graduate student in anthropology. I love long walks in the city and the park, reading and photography. I would be delighted to get to know you, to hear about your everyday challenges as newcomers to Canada and Vancouver and to share my experience or references to our great services on campus.

How it works

New students who sign up for the program are connected with a current SFU student volunteer (these volunteers are called “mentors”). A mentor does many things, from answering questions about Canadian life to inviting new students to interesting events. Read more about mentors on our Request a Mentor page.

Initial contact occurs via email, but students are encouraged to meet with their mentors in person upon arrival in Vancouver. All students who are unfamiliar with Simon Fraser University, the city of Vancouver and the Canadian/North American lifestyle will greatly benefit from the program.

In pursuit of our mission, the Global Community Mentorship Program has a number of goals. We aim to:

  • Provide transition services and support to new students
  • Promote intercultural understanding and friendship between SFU students of culturally diverse backgrounds
  • Provide leadership and mentorship opportunities to SFU students
  • Foster a community of future leaders with broad global perspectives
  • Contribute to the internationalization of the SFU community

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Program Timeline (Spring 2019)