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Applications to become a mentor with the Global Community Mentorship Program for Fall 2019 - Spring 2020 is open!

What is the Global Community Mentorship Program? 

The GCMP, formerly known as the International Mentorship Program, was created to help new students of various backgrounds adjust to their new surroundings. New students are matched with a student volunteer, called a mentor. Mentors provide new students with information about resources and opportunities at SFU that might be of interest, invite them to social and cultural events on and off campus, and answer questions about day-to-day life in Canada. 

Last year, approximately 200 new students were matched with SFU student volunteers who enhanced their experience at SFU and in the Greater Vancouver area. Mentors have the opportunity to interact and make friends with students from diverse cultural backgrounds and spend time with a network of people committed to international understanding and friendship.

Who can be a mentor?

We encourage all returning domestic and international students, who are willing to commit to helping other students (having completed at least 2 terms at SFU), to apply to the Global Community Mentorship Program.

What does a mentor do?

  • Be a source of information:
    A mentor will be a primary contact person, initially via email and later in person, to provide information, support and guidance. A mentor is also someone who will be available to discuss any concerns and issues that arise, and be able to refer the student to appropriate services on campus as necessary.
  • Be a cultural guide: A mentor will help introduce new students to the SFU campus and life in Vancouver.
  • Make a genuine commitment: A mentor will take his/her role and responsibilities seriously.

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What does a team leader do?

A team leader is responsible for providing ongoing support, training and feedback for mentors assigned to their teams, consisting of approximately 5-8 mentors. Team leaders must maintain regular communication with their team, set monthly meetings with all team members, and send monthly activity reports to the Program Coordinator. 

Position Descriptions

Application is now open!

Application is now open! 

Applying through myInvolvement:
1. Login and select "Opportunities" on the left panel
2. Select "Getting Involved: Current Opportunities"
3. Search for a position by its corresponding job ID in the
"Search by Opportunity ID" text box

Note: For your application to be considered, please make sure to apply through myInvolvement by submitting your resume and unofficial transcript, as well as filling out the corresponding online form provided in the detailed Position Descriptions. 

These positions are recognized on SFU's official university 
Co-Curricular Record (CCR).

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