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We do not match mentors and mentees during summer. However, if you are interested in joining us in 2019 Fall, we will keep you on the list and match you with a mentor in July/August 2019. 


What is a mentor?

A mentor is a student volunteer from SFU. Mentors provide you with information about resources and opportunities at SFU that might be of interest, invite you to social and cultural events on and off campus, and answer your questions about day-to-day life in Canada.

Past events have included hiking, ice skating, dinner and theatre in Vancouver, and holiday celebrations, etc. Additionally, mentors have typically answered general questions about employment, shopping, banking, and other daily activities. You can count on your mentor's support for the entire term.


Registration Process

We're revamping our program to bring some very exciting changes to the GCMP! If you would like to learn more, email us at:

Stay tuned for the registration link coming in July! 



“A mentor is more like a friend or a sister/brother to me.”

First-year Health Sciences student

“They organize hanging out regularly, which makes me have fun!”

First-year Applied Sciences student

“It gives me the opportunity to ask basic questions to someone I know won't mind replying.”

First-year Education student

Meet our mentors

Our mentors are a group of enthusiastic, diverse students. Click on the videos to meet our mentors and mentees - Diana, Joseph, Jasmine, Evander, Brigitta, Anitha and Natasha - and hear their perspectives on the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do students get matched with their mentors?

Matching begins before the start of the Fall and Spring terms and continues through the first few weeks of the term. See the Global Community Mentorship Program Timeline below for more detailed information. 

After I apply to the program, when will I be contacted?

The Mentorship Program Coordinator will contact you and match you with a mentor as soon as possible depending on the volume of applications. Once you have been contacted by the Coordinator with your match, your mentor will contact you directly via email. 

What if I have a question my mentor can't answer?

If a mentor cannot answer your question directly, they will connect you with someone who can. Mentors make smart referrals based on their knowledge of SFU. 

What does the program require from me? What does the program require from the mentors?

For all students, applying to the program is totally free. Nothing is required from new students except willingness to interact with your mentor and have fun!

Mentors have more responsibility, since they are student volunteers. All mentors are required to attend training sessions and a monthly meeting in order to give them the skills to assist new students in their transition. Mentors are also expected to answer your questions in a timely manner, give you an idea of what to expect in university, and help guide you to the best of their ability.

Global Community Mentorship Program timeline

Before the term starts:

Approximately a month before the start of the term, Request a Mentor applications will open. Once a match has been found, the Program Coordinator will connect you and your new mentor. The two of you can then introduce yourselves and chat over email, Facebook, Skype, or in person (if you are in Vancouver).

In the first few weeks of the term:

Matching continues for all new applicants.

If you already have a mentor, your mentors will make every effort to meet with you in person. They will also invite you to attend the Global Community Mentorship Program’s welcome event, called Fusion.  

During the term:

Mentors will invite you to program events (a Halloween party or movie night, for example), answer questions, and provide you with the information and support you need. 

After the term ends:

The Global Community Mentorship Program runs for only one term. After the term ends, you will no longer be in program. If you wish to remain in the program, you are welcome to re-apply for the next term.

In addition, you will be asked to fill out an evaluation form about your experience with the program.