Connect with a Group

Connect into a faith group that is right for you today! There are many student groups that would love to connect with you! Reach out to a group below, or check out the events that you can join this week! Start building you SFU community today!

Catholic Christian Outreach

Henry Morales           ( 


Ismaili Student Association

Maheen Kalama          (     604-704-3014

Aly Dhadani                (            778-751-2633

Muslim Students Association

Ahmed Khan                (                       778-927-0082

Rasha Syed                  (

Hillel BC - Jewish Student Association

    Hillel BC promotes Jewish life on campus and beyond, providing a warm, welcoming environment where students in BC are able to grow religiously, culturally, socially and ethically. Our programs and events reflect the diverse interests and needs of our members, build valuable leadership skills, and help to create a long-term impact in the Jewish community and beyond.

Katia Fermon               (

Philip Bregman            (                  604-657-9417

Athletes in Action 

Erica Baartman             ( 

Power to Change

Rea-Jayne Smith          (          604-825-9070

Shia Muslim Society

Mehdi Aminipouri         (  

The Point Church

Victor Thomas             (                  604-376-4263

Candice Thomas          (       604-733-2075


Facebook Page

University Christian Ministries

    UCM SFU is a Christian community of students at SFU desiring to know and love God. We seek to love and support one another, care for our campus, and tell others about Jesus. Connect with us on IG!

Milly Li                         (       778-875-9565



Chaplains Association 2020


Erica Baartman            (   


Victor Thomas            (                  604-376-4263


Maheen Kalama          (  604-704-3014

Aly Dhadani                (         778-751-2633


Philip Bregman            (                  604-657-9417


Milly Li                        (       778-875-9565

Power to Change

Amy Chow                  (                        


Alfred Lee                   (             604-760-1265

Roman Catholic

Rev. Julio Lagos           (            604-653-3007

Lioba Na                     (         778-782-3180


Facebook Page


Mehdi Aminipouri         (  


Ahmed Khan                (                         778-927-0082