Religious Calendar

JAIN — Indian lunar calendar




August 27th – September 3rd, 2019

August 16th - 23rd, 2020

Paryushana-parva is the holiest period of the year for the Shvetambara sect. It includes fasting, worship, and reading the life story of Lord Mahavira from the Kalpasutra. It is celebrated over eight days ending on Samvastsari.

September 3, 2019 August 23, 2020

Samvastsari, the Day of Forgiveness, is the last day of Paryushana-parva and is observed by fasting, introspection, confession and penance.

October 27, 2019 November 15, 2020

Mahavira Nirvana and Diwali: on this day the 24th Tirthankara attained nirvana and release from the cycle of rebirth.

April 11th - 19th, 2019

March 31st - Arpil 8th, 2020

Aymbil Ori is a nine-day festival occurring twice a year, in which Jains revere the Nav-pads, “nine-posts,” the nine supreme posts in the universe. This involves a special type of fasting.

April 17, 2019 April 6, 2020

Mahavira-jayanti celebrates the birth of the Lord Mahavira, “Great Hero”, the 24th and last Tirthankara of his time: a savior who has succeeded in crossing over life’s stream of rebirths and has made a path for others to follow.