Preparing for your Appointment

What is International Student Advising?

As International Student Advisors and certified Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants, we are experienced and trained in supporting your transition to SFU. This often involves assisting you with questions about study permits, employment options, work permits and visas. You may also come see us with questions about navigating a new language, culture or education system – if we don’t have the answers, we will point you in the right direction.

If you have family members here in Canada with you, we’re happy to answer questions related to their immigration documents (e.g. spousal open work permit, study permits for children, entry visas etc.).

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What expectations are set for you and the International Student Advisor?

We believe in empowering you with the information and tools to make important decisions related to your academic, personal and professional goals. To accomplish this, we adhere to expectations we set for ourselves and you too.

Your Responsibilities
Our Responsibilities
  • Be on time for your scheduled advising appointment
  • Be empathetic, compassionate, non-judgmental
    and interculturally sensitive
  • Be prepared with a list of questions; it helps the appointment flow well and you leave satisfied
  • Be patient and offer confidential, professional, and give customized advice
  • Bring all documents you would like us to review
    (study permit, visa, work permit, IRCC correspondence, passport etc.)
  • Provide you with a comfortable and safe environment to ask any questions                                                                                               
  • Take the initiative and do some early research on
    your own
  • Refer you to the right person, department or
    workshop for resources or further support
  • Be open to exploring both long-term and short-term options in light of your goals
  • Outline your options based on your particular case/situation
  • Be honest, truthful and clear about your circumstances. Tip: Write down details and bring them with you if there’s a lot to remember
  • Make appropriate recommendations based on your circumstances with your goals and priorities in mind                                           
  • Take notes during an appointment and set
    deadlines for yourself
  • Explain current immigration and university policies and procedures
  • Act quickly on steps that need to be done. Don’t
    leave things too late

  • Keep up-to-date on the skills and knowledge of changing immigration laws and policies to provide professional and competent advice and services
  • Realize that you are responsible for acting on and making final decisions

  • Liaise with SFU departments and faculties
    on conditions and regulations related to immigration, on a case by case basis
  • When in doubt, return for another advising appointment or phone/email us. We’re happy to help!

 What International Student Advisors cannot do?

Although International Student Advisors will assist you with many things during your time at SFU, there are a few expectations we will not and cannot meet. These are:

X We cannot advise you on your academic requirements (Please see an Academic Advisor)
X  We will not make decisions for you
X We will not keep track of the expiry dates of your immigration documents
X We will not apply for your immigration documents for you
X We will not be able to predict the processing time or guarantee the outcome of your application
X We will not misrepresent the truth to Canadian immigration authorities or other SFU staff/faculty for you
X We cannot scan/upload your immigration documents
X We do not have any special privileges when dealing with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
X We will not advise you on which permanent residence class/program is right for you
X We will not be able to review your permanent residence application forms or supporting documents

How to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

To change or reschedule an appointment, click here.