Staying Connected - Online Resources and Activities

Updated January 08, 2021

We know that isolating in a new and different country presents many challenges, one of which may be a lack of social activities and opportunities to make new friends. Although many of our usual programs and events are not taking place in person, there are options for you to connect virtually with others, both during and after your quarantine period. We have listed some of the opportunities below.

How can I connect socially with other students while physical distancing or self-isolating?

ISS is offering a number of online events and opportunities to help you safely connect with your peers. See our Events and Programs page for information.

You can also visit SFU's Community Connection page for other events being offered by the SFU community.

You can join the Global Connections Program and request immediate virtual support from a peer mentor.

Sign up for our new ‘Life in Vancouver’ course designed specifically for new international students. Learn more about Vancouver, its sights, culture and neighbourhoods, and connect with other international students: Register here.

Make sure to follow both SFU and ISS social media channels for updates and news. 

I'm a new international undergraduate student at SFU. How can I meet people and make friends?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Join the SFU 2020 Facebook group for new students
  • Find student clubs and other social supports on the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) website
  • Attend SFU’s ISS online events, or check out the other virtual events listed on SFU's Community Connection page
  • Sign up for the Global Connections Program. This is a peer-support program designed to help new students from international pathways by providing the opportunity to learn about SFU’s culture, while making new friends and exploring what the community has to offer. You can request to be matched with a peer mentor to support you and answer your questions one-on-one about all aspects of life at SFU.
  • If you haven’t already - check out the HIVE Program available through SFU 101. All new students have the opportunity to be grouped virtually with fellow students - a great way to meet new people and participate in fun and interactive events. 
  • Check out opportunities in your faculty. Most faculties have departmental student unions or other ways to volunteer, get involved, and meet other new students. 

I'm a new international graduate student at SFU. How can I start connecting with my peers?

Here are a few suggestions:

Students with families:    

Visit our support and resources page for self-isolation tips and activities.