Medical Insurance:  Make sure your summer is covered

May 01, 2019

Taking the summer term off?

If you are not registered for courses, you will not be automatically enrolled in the primary medical insurance plan during the summer 2019 term.  If you currently hold valid coverage under the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BC MSP), you have sufficient primary insurance coverage whether or not you enroll in courses.

Enrolling with BC MSP is mandatory for anyone planning to live in BC for longer than 6 months.  If you have not yet applied for BC MSP, and have questions about how to apply, please visit the SFU website or speak with an International Student Advisor.  

If you do not have primary medical insurance for the summer term, we recommend purchasing short-term primary insurance to ensure that you are covered.  You can purchase insurance at a daily rate from the Canada website or you can choose another insurance provider depending on your needs as each plan is different.  

Please note that you cannot use your secondary medical insurance plan (ex. Simon Fraser Student Society Health & Dental Plan, Graduate Student Society Benefits Plan) without valid primary medical insurance.  

For more information about medical insurance while you study at SFU, please visit the SFU website.