Discipleship Group

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Disicpleship Groups, or "DG" is a weekly small group discussions about the Bible and Christian-oriented topics. This semester the theme is prayer.

DG meets weekly to share life, study the Bible, and take time to be in pray for one another. It’s a great place to build authentic friendships, learn about God, and grow in your faith.

No registration required. DG is open to all SFU Students.

Fall 2023


2:30pm - 3:20pm


1:30pm - 2:30pm
MFC AQ3210


Andrea Marcu

Power to Change

SFU Power to Change (P2C) is a community that wants to mobilize students to a life of adventurous faith. We have weekly, 1-hr Discipleship Groups for individuals to meet and discuss faith online as well as online community events where students can hang out, discuss, and have fun together. Join our community on Discord

Contact Amy Chow or Grace Neufeld for more information

Connect with the Chaplaincy

Connect with the Power to Change Chaplaincy at the Multifaith Centre. They are here for you. Whether it is for spiritual direction, to have a listening ear, or just to connect, reach out today.

Amy Chow

Power to Change Chaplain

Andrea Marcu

Faith Group Lead
Power to Change