SFU 101

What is it?

Now that you have completed University Prep, you are ready to begin SFU 101--the next phase in preparing you to be successful as you embark on your SFU academic journey. This course is designed to assist with your transition to SFU life; guiding you through the start of your student journey, providing you with relevant and timely information about welcome events and programs, SFU culture and student life, tips for academic success, and opportunities for you to connect with your Faculty and the SFU community.

Step 1

Complete Step 1 to get valuable tips on how to succeed in your first-year courses, learn about ways to get involved on campus and understand the importance of getting involved in your university journey, being introduced to your Faculty as well as SFU’s values and culture. This is also an opportunity to connect with other incoming students.

Step 2

Complete Step 2 to get relevant and timely information before classes start. You’ll find out how to participate in a variety of welcome activities (including Welcome Day!) and strengthen connections with your peers. 

Who is it for?

All new undergraduate students.

When is it?

Step 1 launched on August 5.

Step 2 launched on August 25.

Why do SFU 101?

  • Find tools and resources for a smooth transition and a successful first year at SFU, including how to succeed in an online environment
  • Build community and find your people (make friends – yes, we’re here to help you make friends!)
  • Discover how to navigate university life and how to get involved in the SFU community
  • Find out all about the Welcome Day programming!

How do I access the course?

By now, you will have received an e-mail, sent to your SFU email address, with a link to SFU 101, but you can go to Canvas to accept your course invitation. Or email us at involved@sfu.ca and we’re happy to support you in accessing your SFU 101 course.

What’s the buzz? HIVE is!

We've created a fun and engaging way to build a virtual community to make new friends and help you find your people, called HIVE, which will be your home for interactive virtual engagement.

By registering for SFU101, you’re automatically going to be set up in a HIVE. Stay tuned to your SFU email for more HIVE-related information.

Take a sneak peek at what HIVE will “bee” like.


When you see the honeycomb/bee graphic on a discussion page, it's an indication that this conversation is for your HIVE community; only the members of your HIVE and your Leaders will see your responses.

Get ready for the fall, see what's next >