Spring Term – Connection

Once you're here at SFU, you'll find there are continuing activities and events that will support you both in your academic and non-academic life.

The HIVE Program

HIVE is your Home for Interactive Virtual Engagement, where you and a small group of fellow new students are connected in a fun and engaging way to build a virtual community. HIVE sets you up to be successful in your first term and first year at SFU. You’ll be placed in a small group of fellow students from your faculty.

SFU 101

Complete this free online course to help you transition to SFU and prepare for academic success. SFU 101 continues on from University Prep and gives you tips for a successful first year on campus.

Global Connections Program

Kick-start your first year by becoming a member of the Global Connections Program in which you can:

  • make valuable social connections;
  • receive 1:1 peer support in your transition to SFU; and
  • explore the diverse culture of SFU.

This program will give you the opportunity to learn about SFU and our diversity while you meet new friends and explore different cultures. There will be various online events over the course of one term and you can choose to attend as many as you want. This program is open to all degree-seeking undergraduate students in their first year at SFU.