The HIVE Program

What is The HIVE Program?

As we’re currently in a virtual environment it’s even more important that we help set you up to be successful in your first term, and first year at SFU!

Within SFU 101, we've created a fun and engaging way to build a virtual community to make new friends and help you find your people, called The HIVE Program, which will be your Home for Interactive Virtual Engagement. SFU101 kicks off on December 1, so make sure you register right away once you receive your invite to the course in Canvas (make sure to check your SFU email).

The HIVE Program will place you in a small group of fellow students from your faculty.

Who is in The HIVE Program?

All new SFU undergraduate students who want to have an epic educational journey—that’s who, and hopefully you too!

There will be lots of HIVES created with a small group of students from the same faculty. A great opportunity to connect with other new, like-minded students.

Each HIVE will be overseen by two HIVE Leaders and they will support virtual events and programming. They will share tips, stories and their own experiences as well as creating some fun and interactive events and opportunities to participate in discussions within your HIVE in SFU 101. You’ll also get to meet peers and learn about campus resources, exploring Canvas and other tech/social media platforms with you.

Why should I join The HIVE Program?

Short answer: It’s an awesome way to find your people and be part of the SFU community!

Slightly longer answer: It’s a great way to meet fellow new SFU students who are in the same virtual shoes as you.

We have created the program based on survey results from students asking what they’re looking for to connect with others and support to transition to SFU. Here is a sampling of the feedback so far from students in the HIVE Program:

  • "This course was extremely helpful in introducing me to my new journey at SFU. Thank you for your responses, and I am very excited for future conversations in the HIVE." 
  • “What I found was the most impactful part of HIVE was learning that there are so many people there to support the transition to university and that no one is heading into university alone. It was comforting learning that there are people to fall back on for support and that they are for any questions or concerns I have.” 
  • “I got to see that there are a lot of students with similar interests, career goals, as well as questions and concerns about starting university as myself, which made me feel excited and like I was not alone in my concerns.” 
  • "This course was very informative, and having a HIVE made me feel more connected. Thank you for all the help!" 
  • “I think the most valuable part of my HIVE was knowing that our leaders were in the same situations as us when they first entered SFU. They have helped me realize that once I transition into university, I will be able to feel more comfortable with my decisions as a student.”

How do I join The HIVE Program?

We’ll take care of that! Our team will review your information and place you in your HIVE, with fellow students from the same faculty.

As we're in the process of planning the activities for this program, we're continually keeping your needs and experience top of mind.


When you see the honeycomb/bee graphic on a discussion page, it's an indication that this conversation is for your HIVE community; only the members of your HIVE and your Leaders will see your responses.

Contact us if you are having access issues or haven’t received your invitation to SFU101

If you are having issues with joining The HIVE, accessing the SFU101 course or you have not received an invite to the course, please contact us and we will help you right away. Email us at for support.

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