The HIVE Program

It’s important that we help set you up from the start to be successful in your first term, and first year at SFU!

“I went from feeling excited but nervous, to feeling ready for everything – with lots of good advice and friends already made.” - student feedback from Fall 2020

What is The HIVE Program?

The HIVE (Home for Interactive Virtual Engagement) Program is a virtual community where you can make new friends, learn new things, and have fun!

HIVE is your first step towards an epic educational journey. We know how exciting (and nerve-wracking) it is to start something new, so we’re here to help make the experience enjoyable and interesting. We care about you and have designed this programming so you can have a smooth transition and a great experience at SFU!

Who is it for?

All new undergraduate students! The HIVE Program will place you in a small group with other new students from the same Faculty.

Why participate?

  • It’s an awesome way to find your people and connect to the SFU community!
  • You’ll get to meet HIVE Leaders who were once in the same shoes as you, who will share tips, stories and their experiences
  • It’s a safe and welcoming place to get to know new students before you start  classes

How do I join?

In your SFU 101 course, you will be automatically assigned a specific HIVE group tailored just for you. You will receive an email to your SFU email address with all the details on how to access the course and meet your HIVE.

When can I join?

SFU 101 launches and the HIVEs start their mission of connecting you with other students in early December!

How can I get the most out of the HIVE program?

It’s simple! Join SFU 101 as soon as you get your invite, and participate in the discussions within your HIVE. By being part of an ongoing conversation, you’ll engage with other new students and connect with HIVE Leaders.

You should also attend the virtual events hosted within your HIVE. Your HIVE Leaders will host various milestone events leading up to and in your first few weeks at SFU. These are great opportunities to meet your peers, make new friends, and learn about university and campus resources.

You will receive your invitation to join SFU 101 and your HIVE via email in early December, so stay tuned!

When you see the honeycomb/bee graphic on a discussion page, it's an indication that this conversation is for your HIVE community; only the members of your HIVE and your Leaders will see your responses.