Next steps: On Demand

We are excited to welcome you to the SFU community!

We recently announced that most of our fall classes will continue to be delivered through remote methods. This decision creates certainty for students and instructors, safety for those with higher levels of health risks, and access to learning for students who cannot travel to BC at this time.

We’re committed more than ever to maintaining our high-quality education and building an engaging virtual community while protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty and staff during these uncertain times.

We want to use this extra time to better inform and prepare you for what’s to come, and connect with you virtually, here at Next Steps: On Demand.

Next Steps: On Demand welcomes you to the SFU community by:

  • Introducing you to SFU experts and current students
  • Providing you with videos from professors and students on their online learning experience
  • Answering top of mind questions for your parents, family, and friends
  • Virtually showcasing the Burnaby Campus

We’ll guide you through your next steps, from accepting your offer of admission to preparing for SFU life.

Welcome message from SFU

As we've extended our deadline, what Rebecca means to say is you have until June 1st!

Hello everyone! My name is Rebecca Langmead, a Student Recruitment Coordinator, alumnus of SFU, and former member of the Women’s Basketball team. I’m so excited that you are considering joining our community. For me, SFU was the place I was able to meet my closest friends, learn from inspiring and dedicated faculty, and explore areas of study I didn’t even know existed before! In this video, I wanted to provide you with a variety of information I thought could help you learn more about our SFU community and what makes us unique!

Get to know your Faculty

Hear from your faculty about the academic community you are joining, world-class research, and specifics about your program.

Beedie School of Business

Faculty of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Education

Faculty of Environment

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology

Faculty of Science 

What to expect with online classes

We have compiled a video message for you to hear from lecturers what their classes are like, how they engage and support students, and setting you up for success with online learning.

Some of our current students also share messages on their experience, the flexibility of learning, and the current state of being a student whilst learning remotely.

Hear from our students

Hear from our lecturers

Build your community

Your University journey can start earlier, now!

One of the main topics we’ve been discussing during the live-chat sessions and on social media is, how do I meet new people at SFU and what does this look like? 

So, we’ve asked some of our current students to share their experience easing into University life, how they made life-long friends, and tips for you as you transition to joining the SFU community.  

Tyler's SFU experience

Bridget's SFU experience

Colin's SFU experience

David's SFU experience

James' SFU experience

Julia's SFU experience

Shawn's SFU experience

Watch on vimeo

Sy's SFU experience

You don’t need to wait until later to start talking to new people and building friendships, join the FB 2020 group and introduce yourself now! 

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Burnaby campus video tour

While we can't be on campus right now, we've turned our 90 minute in-person campus tour into 27 minutes! Join Juan and Eleanor for a stroll through the Burnaby campus.

If you’re short on time, here are shortcuts:

  • Student Services: 2:44 
  • Athletics and Recreation: 7:50
  • Residence and Housing: 13:20
  • Dining Hall: 17:15
  • Classroom and study spaces: 21:42

Know what resources and support are available to you, your parents, family and friends

Within this video presentation, we hope to provide some useful insight and advice on how best to support the student in your life. We will discuss:

  • Challenges and opportunities students experience in post-secondary
  • Support and resources available to students to help them with the transition to and success in post-secondary
  • Career development through education, statistics and myth busting.

We also understand that university and living the student lifestyle is an investment, and we have great resources to guide you on funding options and managing your personal finances.

Explore the different sources for financial aid that are available to SFU students.

If you're short on time, here the different topics:

  • Student Statistics: 4:07
  • Student Change: 13:12
  • University Transition: 15:30
  • First-Year Challenges: 20:30
  • How Parents Can Provide Healthy Support: 29:05
  • From Academics to Career 31:30
  • "A Foggy Road" 39:44
  • A List of Resources at SFU: 42:09

Stay updated, and other resources

We’re excited to see you in September! Make sure that you stay up to date with what we’re up to.

Get ready for the fall, see what's next >