SFU - Langara degree program students

Congratulations on being accepted into this innovative and flexible program, which allows you to move freely and easily between both SFU and Langara College throughout your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from SFU. (If you haven't been accepted yet, please visit sfu.ca/students/langara for program information.)

The SFU - Langara Degree Program (SFULDP) affords you the opportunity to take courses at both institutions, either at the same time or during separate terms. As well, you can integrate up to 60 units of transferable course work from Langara College throughout your four year SFU degree. In turn, this provides you flexibility both financially and academically, as compared to a regular transfer program’s rigid model of first two years at college, then transfer, then final two years at university.

Financial Aid and Awards

For assistance on planning how to finance your education within the SFU - Langara Degree Program, and information on how student loans and scholarships will work while taking courses at both institutions, please consult with SFU Financial Aid & Awards.

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International Services for Students

International Student Advisors at International Services for Students conduct workshops and events to support you during your studies at SFU. They also answer your questions about visas, health insurance and employment.

Get involved in a vibrant and diverse student body with students from over 100 countries. Join the International Services for Students Mentorship Program and meet these students and get connected with the SFU community!

For further information on International Student Services, including drop-in advising hours, answers to Frequently Asked Questions and contact information, please visit: sfu.ca/students/international.

SFU Academic Advising

For undeclared SFULDP students

If you are an SFULDP student who is undeclared (i.e., not approved into a major program), your main contact for all of your program planning and academic advising concerns at SFU will be the academic advisors in Student Services.

To book an in-person or telephone appointment, please call any of the following numbers:

  • 778.782.6930
  • 778.782.5000
  • 778.782.7400

For declared SFULDP students

If you are an SFULDP student who has a declared/approved major, you should contact your Departmental Advisor directly for program planning & academic advice. The online directory of SFU Departmental Advisors can be found here.

Langara College Academic Advising

Questions related to your educational experience at Langara College?


Admission Advisors:

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