Canadian Status Verification FAQs

What is the last day to submit documents in order to ensure I don't get charged the international tuition rate?

Students beginning their studies at SFU are required to submit their documentation via goSFU by the tuition deadline of their first enrollment term.

If you do not submit your documentation by this deadline, you may be blocked from future enrollment.

If you fail to submit your documentation by the add/drop deadline for the following term (see Dates and Deadlines), you will be charged international tuition.

If you are being charged the international tuition rate and you believe this is in error, please contact for next steps.

What documents are accepted as Proof of Canadian Status? 

The following documents will be accepted as proof of Canadian Status. Expired documents will be rejected.

  • Canadian Passport - Passports must include a signed signature page in order to be valid for ID purposes.
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status Card (SCIS)
  • Certificate of Indian Status Card
  • Canadian Birth Certificate* **
  • Canadian Citizenship Certificate* **
  • Canadian Permanent Resident Card
  • Confirmation of Permanent Residence document*

* Must be presented with valid Canadian government-issued photo ID.

** Commemorative versions of the BC Birth Certificate and the commemorative form of a Canadian Citizenship certificates are not accepted.

If you are unsure whether or not your citizenship document is considered commemorative, please consult the Government of Canada website or contact us for more information.

Where do I submit my Proof of Canadian Status?

Please submit copies of the documentation that verify your Canadian status by accessing the Citizenship Verification "To Do List" of your goSFU Student Center.

Why does SFU need this documentation?

The practice of confirming citizenship is standard best-practice amongst Canadian post-secondary institutions. In 2019, the SFU Board of Governors recommended that SFU undertake this practice and the Registrar was tasked with implementing a verification process. 

How long will SFU keep my documentation on file?

Documents submitted for the purpose of citizenship verification will be kept on file for one year.

What procedures are in place to dispose of the documents I have uploaded?

After a period of six months, the form submissions will be deleted from SFU Records.

I am an SFU employee, HR/Payroll has my information already. Why are you asking for it again, or why can't you confirm with them directly?

As SFU HR/Payroll does not use the Student Information System (goSFU), Student Services staff do not have access to documentation or records submitted during the hiring process.  We would therefore ask that you submit the documentation separately.

I am an international student, why is SFU asking me for this documentation?

If you are an international student and you have been asked for Citizenship Verification documentation, there is likely an error on your record. Please email us at to report your international student status.

My parents have a work permit. Can I show that to pay the domestic tuition rate?

Please contact our Undergraduate Records Department for information about eligibility for domestic tuition rates – or 778.782.6930.


Document Upload FAQs

How do I convert a file to a PDF so that I can upload my ID to goSFU?

Detailed instructions (pdf).

All currently enrolled SFU students are eligible to use Office 365 software available through IT Services. Software available in Office 365 allows documents to be "printed to PDF" using the print function. Apple Mac users can print to PDF without using any additional software. 

We do not accept the new HEIC file format used by some Apple products. Please ensure your HEIC images are converted to PDFs before uploading. 

When I tried to upload my documents in goSFU, I received a "failed to upload" error message. What should I do?

Document uploads must be in PDF format. The maximum file size is 1MB. Any file with specifications other than these will fail to upload. 

If you are experiencing issues, please contact