Getting Started


1) New Climbers
See FAQ below.

2) Getting to Campus & Parking
For directions and parking information please visit: MAP & LOCATION

3) Waivers and Payment
All facility users must sign a waiver or consent form online, at the Recreation Office or at the Climbing Office.

Payment during Recreation Office Business Hours:
Climbing Passes, Memberships & Equipment are purchased at the Recreation Office (Lorne Davies Complex, 110 - located beside the pool).

Payment for all hours:
The climbing wall is frequently open outside Recreation Office hours. Passes may be purchased online with credit card ONLY. Pay before you arrive or at the wall using the Climbing Office computer.

4) Pass Validation
All Climbers must check in at the Climbing Office (Lorne Davies 126 - Located beside the central gym).
- Members and 10x Pass holders may scan in to validate their pass.
- Drop-in climbers must have their day pass and belay status validated by a staff member.

5) Orientation & Belay Checks
During their initial visit, all facility users climbers will undergo a facility orientation. Belayers must receive a belay check. Lead belay checks are not always possible, please call ahead to confirm.

6) Go Climbing!
Visit our programs page for great ways to use the wall! If you're new to climbing, see the FAQ below.


1) I don't have any climbing experience, can I still use the wall?
Yes! Our climbing wall is set up to accommodate people of all experience levels. There are 3 types of climbing available to beginners at the SFU Climbing Wall: Auto-Belays, bouldering, and top-roping. If you'd like to use the auto-belays or go bouldering, you can drop-in anytime during open hours. If you'd like access to all the facility has to offer and go top-roping you can come during one of our "Staff Belayed Drop-in" times or book a private "Belay Session". See our programs page for more info.

2) What are Auto-Belays?
Auto-Belays are machines that allow you to climb to the top of the wall without anyone holding the ropes for you. They are very easy to learn how to use. SFU has two Auto-Belays.

3) What's bouldering?
Climbing low down without ropes and relying on thick pads to prevent injuries when you fall. SFU sets routes specifically designed for this purpose which end 3-4 meters up the wall.

4) What is "top-roping"?
Top-roping is probably what you think of when you imagine people climbing in the gym. Usually it involves a team of two, with one person on the ground "belaying" their climber as they ascend the wall. Belaying refers to using specialized skills and equipment to keep climbers safe. If you want to have access to the entire facility without staff assistance, you'll need to know how to belay. To accquire these skills, we highly recommend taking one of our 2 hour Introductory Courses. Anyone wishing to belay must pass a "belay check", where our staff ensure that your abilities are in line with SFU standards.

5) What equipment do I need?
Climbers who use the wall regularly will have a harness, shoes, belay device and chalk bag. No problem if you don't have these as we have them available for rent. As for clothing, climbers tend to wear something casual and comfy that they can move in.

6) Do I need a partner?

No. You can use our Auto-Belays, go bouldering, or drop-in during our "Staff Belayed Drop-in".

7) How strong do I have to be?

Not that strong! Most people who come to our facility find they are able to climb the easier routes without too many problems. As with every sport, consistent practice will improve your strength and technique. 

8) Can my child climb in the gym?

The minimum age in the climbing gym is 6 years old. Adult supervision is required for all children under 14. Consent forms signed by legal guardians are required for all youth 17 and under.