About Us

Last updated on Tue, 02 Apr 2019 10:36 AM

We are a unique community of students, staff, faculty, and the public connected by active living and leadership development.

Our Mission

We engage the world and support the student experience by providing world class recreation programs and services, building community on campus, and providing transformative experiential learning opportunities.

We Value

Active Living

Supporting and empowering a balanced lifestyle is crucial to the health and success of all.

Transformative Growth

A culture of continuous learning and mentorship breeds unparalleled opportunities for development, exploration, and the building of strong leaders.


Welcoming and embracing diversity creates a place of belonging and engagement that is the heart of a strong community.

Customer Experience

Roots in best practice with a flair for the personal touch raises a new standard for lasting impact and brings people back for more.


Spirit transforms and unites us, creating meaning and unleashing an infectious force of positive change.

Who We Serve

SFU Rec... it’s for everyone! Most SFU students, staff, and faculty receive Memberships and are our most frequent visitors, however we welcome all. Whether you are beginner or advanced, prefer organized or drop-in, or like individual, team, or group activities, SFU Rec has something for you.

Where We Are Located

 SFU Rec is physically housed on the Burnaby campus in the Lorne Davies Complex. The majority of our facilities and programs are located here. 

What we Offer

1. Recreation Programs & Services


Includes access to the Fitness Centre, Drop-in Swim, Drop-in Sports, Intramural Leagues, an outdoor track, squash, racquetball, tennis, and table tennis. Most SFU students, staff, and faculty receive a Membership while at SFU.

Registered Programs

Instruction provided for aquatic, dance, fitness, martial arts, sport, and mind, body, spirit classes. Certifications, personal training, a Group Fitness pass, a Program Flex Pass, and private classes are also available. Registered programs have a fee and generally begin at the start of each term.

Sport Clubs

Student organized sport clubs with a variety of competition levels. Interested members should connect directly with the sport club and then register through SFU Rec.

Children & Youth Camps

Summer, spring break, and winter half and full day camps for ages 3-18 years. Options include aquatic, educational, outdoor, recreation, and sport camps.

2. Community Building


We host and partner with others to support initiatives that build community and align with our values. Past events include Terry’s CAUSE on Campus, Orientation, SFU Open House, etc.

Campus Hub

SFU Rec welcomes people from all different places to come together and work towards a common goal. Whether it is individuals improving their fitness, a sports club uniting for the win, or campers creating lasting memories, we provide a sense of belonging for all.

3.  Experiential Learning

Volunteer & Work Experience

150+ students are hired each term to run our aquatics, fitness, sports, promotions, and youth programs. We provide meaningful work and a supportive learning environment to build industry and transferable skills.

Personal & Professional Development

Ongoing training, mentorship, and progressive opportunities to develop strong leaders are integrated in our volunteer and work experience.

Why it Matters

Recreation is crucial for a balanced and successful life.

  • SFU Rec programs and services provide opportunities for physical activity, stress relief, spiritual connectedness, social bonding, and the learning of new skills.

  • Strong community builds engagement, comfort and fun, contributing to social and mental health.

  • Our focus on leadership development benefits students with meaningful relationships and lifelong skills that extend far past classroom walls.