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Group Fitness

"Every instructor has his/her own style and personality. I love the variety of instructors and classes. I have been attending for about 6 or 7 years now and love these classes"

  • SFU Staff - Summer 2013

"I consider myself to be in fairly good shape, but I leave group fitness classes having my butt kicked every time. It's a great workout! Every week is something new and challenging"

  • SFU Student - Summer 2013

"The instructors are so encouraging and friendly. It makes me very motivated and 'pumped up'"

  • SFU Student - Spring 2013

"I love these classes! They are great - I've been going to them for about 2 years now. Great way to keep fit during the day"

  • Nicole, SFU Student - Spring 2013

"[Group Fitness is the] Best thing to combat stress, writer's block, and the overall unhealthy student life"

  • Birgit, SFU Student - Spring 2013