Get certified at SFU Rec!

As we have a two business day cancellation policy when course minimum registration is not met, registering at least two business days prior to start of classes will better ensure that your course will take place as scheduled.


  • First Aid Training

    Would you like to be more prepared to help in first aid emergencies? We offer a variety of courses to help, all taught by certified instructors. 


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  • Fitness Certifications

    Interested in becoming a group fitness instructor or a weight trainer? We offer a variety of fitness leadership courses. All courses are approved by the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA), and will count towards certifications granted by nationally sanctioned agencies.


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  • Lifeguarding Certifications

    Our lifeguarding certification courses provide the necessary training to be a lifeguard and/or swimming instructor in Canada. They are taught by experienced and certified instructors, and will help make you employable in the Aquatics field. We also offer frequent recertification courses to keep your certifications current.


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  • Water Rescue for First Responders

    If you are looking to enhance your water rescue and swimming skills this course may be perfect for you. It is a condensed course designed for adult learners. Additional swimming instruction and coaching will support new swimmers in achieving the required timed swim for the Bronze Cross certification. Though this program is perfect for first responders looking to build their resume and skill set, everyone who meets the prerequisites is welcome! The program comprises four certifications and provides additional sessions focusing on swimming technique and endurance.


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